7 Hairstyling products that can make or break your look

Having a beautiful mane is a dream for most women out there. If you’ve got a cut recently but are not able to maintain the look, you probably need some good hair products to set it right. Here are top 7 of them to look forward to for healthy and beautiful tresses.


Hairspray is one of the most ideal and recommended hairstyling products if you want to freeze that style you’ve created using the tools. People with all kinds of mane types can use this product. Hold the container at least 10 inches away from your tresses while you are applying. It will help keep your hairstyle in place for hours and you don’t even have to worry.

Straightening serum or balm

If you have curly or wavy hair and want to achieve a sleek hairdo, a straightening balm or serum is your best friend. It weighs down your waves or curls to make them look straight and slick. People who prefer to blow dry their waves and curls often tend to use this product. Start by taking a pea-sized amount and gradually use more if you have thick hair. Apply by smoothening it onto your palms and about two inches away from the scalp. Avoid using more or it will flatten out your tresses.

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Hair mousse

If you wish to define your straight hair or curls, you should opt for a mousse. It is suggested to use this product along with a hairdryer for best results. If you have short hair, you should pump out a tennis ball sized amount and increase the amount accordingly if you have longer locks. To make sure they look straight, take the mousse on your fingers and run through your dry hair starting from the roots to tips. If you have curls, take a big round brush and flatten them out using a straightener. If you wish to create soft beachy waves, comb the mousse through your locks when it is wet and diffuse them. You can alternatively just let them air dry.

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Hair lotion

The lotion is a styling product that offers you a stronger hold than the mousse but isn’t as stiff as a gel. It is ideal for people having thick, coarse or straight, and curly locks. Take a dollop of the lotion if you have medium length hair and increase the amount depending on the length. Use the lotion on wet hair by warming it between your palms and applying from the roots to the ends.

Shine drops

Shine drops are one of the best hair styling products for tresses that lacks sheen and luster. It seals the cuticles and split ends and gives shine. People having medium to thick mane can use the drops. You can take a pea-sized amount of shine drops on either wet or dry tresses according to your preference. If you have curly hair, it’s ideal to use 3-4 pumps of the product on wet locks since it aids to control the frizz as well. Rub the product between your arms and start from the mid-length of your locks. Make sure that you do not apply it on your roots or else your scalp will end up looking oily. Scrunch your mid lengths and smoothen them as you move towards the tips.

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Salt spray/texturiser

A salt spray or texturiser is used to give your hair some texture and volume to an extent. If you have fine hair or slight waves you can go for this product to add some bounce. In case you prefer going for beachy waves too, this is one Holy Grail product you should have in your vanity. Make sure to keep the container 10-15 inches away from your hair and then spray. Do not apply all the product at once. Keep spraying little by little by scrunching your tresses between to see the effect and then use more if needed.

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If you wish to create a texture like a gel but with added shine, you should go for pomade. Short or medium to long layers work best with this product. However, use very little because it is slightly oily and can make your hair look weighed down. For shorter locks, it is advisable to use the pomade from the back and then apply it to the front so that there is no product build up along your hairline. If you have longer tresses, you can pinch the product on your ends.

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These hair styling products can either make or break your look depending upon what and how you apply. Choose your product wisely and you’ll be ready to flaunt those gorgeous locks!


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