Breaking down the look – Yami Gautam at Blenders Pride Magical Nights

Blenders Pride Magical Nights occurred on the 3rd March 2019 in Bengaluru where famed designers like Rina Dhaka and Ajay Kumar showcased their impressive styles. The musical and fashion delight was held at Hotel Conrad in Bengaluru. The event showcased contemporary designs that were meant to celebrate individuality via a different concept, ‘Pride’.

The showstopper Yami Gautam was charismatic in her ensemble by Rina Dhaka and charmed everybody present there. She went for an all brown-toned makeup look for the show and looked stunning! We tried to decode her makeup look and can’t wait to share it with you for you to recreate it.

Base makeup

The base makeup was kept clean and a bit dewy which made her look natural. The flawless layer of blended foundation along with a slight chisel enhanced her features. The finish was satiny and looked fresh on her. Her concealed and bright undereye let her eyes do all the talking. Also, this base makeup is something you can easily wear on a daily basis when you don’t want a heavy look.


She wore a subtle hint of blush which was a mix of tones of pink. Also, the contouring was kept minimal and not so heavily chiselled on the cheeks, forehead, jawline and nose. The subtle highlighter on her face gave her a glowing from within touch. Her cheeks were defined yet not so heavy and with the blended contour, blush and highlight, they looked even more perfect. It is such an everyday based look which most of us can wear to give some definition to our face.

Eye makeup

The style was created using earthy brown tones. The ombre from the inner to the outer corner of the eyes gave them a perfect definition. Her eyelids were of medium toned brown and created that smoky effect. The lower lash line also was created using the same brown tone and ombre effect. The inner corner of the eyes was highlighted to make the eyes look big and open. She didn’t wear eyeliner and went for heavily coated lashes with mascara. Her brows were clean and sharp along with highlighted brow bones that gave them proper shape and depth. All you have to do to achieve this look is to take out your brown hued eyeshadows and create a smoky effect using different tones.


Yami went for a nude lip that matched her eye makeup. She wore a brown lipstick with pinkish undertones that complemented her skin! Also, there was a hint of gloss topped on the lipstick to give them a fuller and plump effect. You can easily find a brownish pink nude lipstick according to your skin tone and apply to the look right.

Other makeup

Since she wore an off-shoulder tulle tiered gown that left her shoulders bare. She was seen with a subtle hint of highlighter on her collar bones and shoulder that enhanced and defined them. This is a tip which most of the celebrities out there swear by- highlighting the highest points of the bare shoulders, that is the collar and shoulder bones. Well, she looked so stunning in that silk gown which created a statement for itself!

Yami Gautam’s look was simple and minimal. The makeup wasn’t exaggerated and can be considered a perfect look that can be worn on a day to day basis for any occasion. Recreate this gorgeous look from your everyday makeup products and rock it!


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