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Add a little zing to your iced teas with these recipes

With summer here, we all crave for a refreshing drink to cool off our body. Be it for your kids, for you and your group of friends or even for a family brunch, these recipes are prefect. Iced teas being a favourite of many to sip on and relax, we have a few flavourful blends for you to try.

Orange ginger iced tea

With the tanginess of orange, lemon and a dash of ginger to balance the sweetness, this drink makes a perfect afternoon boost. This recipe is super tasty and the ingredients in it keep your body energised and active. Apart from the sweetness of the citrus fruit, honey is added to enhance the taste. This simple and easy to make cold tea can be prepared in 10 minutes and served with mint leaves that add a little more flavour to it.

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Lemon tea with cinnamon and basil leaf

A refreshing iced tea with zing of flavours added using the lemon tea powder, cinnamon to add the spiciness and subtle aroma of basil. This recipe is easy and a must try for anyone who loves a burst of tanginess and zesty touch of cinnamon and lemon. It can be served hot or cold depending on when you would like to sip on it.

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Peach mojito mocktail

A classic drink for a perfect evening to savour with your friends or family. This mocktail is flavoured with peach iced tea, lemon and mint. The fizz of the club soda enhances the drink and makes it taste more delectable. Quick to prepare, it is an amazing recipe to be served to guests any time of the day. The sweetness can be balanced with sugar as per your choice.

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Lemongrass iced tea

This fascinating tea is spiced with many ingredients that make it delicious. Each element it contains helps refresh, detox and boost one’s energy. Keeping lemongrass as the base flavour, it is enhanced with mint, cardamom powder, ginger, lemon juice and black salt along with being sweetened using honey.

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Fruity tea

A tasty recipe filled with flavours of various fruits. This iced tea contains orange juice, apple, pineapple, lemon and the enhanced with ginger and mint leaves. It is a slow brew beverage that soaks in the essence of tea, fruits and spices. Then it is cooled off before served with ice. Fruity tea is a perfect evening refreshment or for brunch to be savoured at home or at parties. Filled with the goodness of many hydrating ingredients, it energies the body.

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Having a party or just want to unwind alone or with loved ones? Try out these delicious yet easy iced tea recipes and relax.

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