How to make your perfume last longer 

With summer at its harshest this time around, you may need a little help from your precious perfumes and deos to feel fresh as a daisy or at least hide away the body odour. And naturally, after investing in them, you would want them to last for a longer time. To help you with the same, here are some simple and easily doable hacks…

Store them in cool, dark places

Where you store your scents make a difference too. Perfumes and deodorant sprays can breakdown if you place them in damp and warm places like bathrooms or where you get direct sunlight. So, what’s one of the ideal places?  Think your bedroom cupboard inside their box. You can even put them in the drawers of your dressing table.

Use an unscented body lotion before spraying perfume

The oiliness of the body lotion will bind the perfume to your skin and make it last longer. You can either choose an unscented or a mildly-scented one that does not clash with your perfume. Pick from a variety of brands such as Chicco, Organic Harvest, Evam, Vaseline, and more. Or if you are the creative sorts, just mix and match your perfume scent with that of the lotions.

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Rub petroleum jelly on your pulse points

Petroleum jelly not only works wonders on chapped lips and feet but can also be used to increase the effectivity of your perfume. All you need to do is rub a bit of petroleum jelly on your pulse points before spraying the perfume and it will lock-in the scent. Choose reliable petroleum jelly brands like Apollo Pharmacy or Vaseline.

Try layering scents

You can use different products with the same or similar fragrance to layer the scent. This will make it last all day. For example, team up a body wash or bath soap with a lavender fragrance. Follow this with a moisturizer with a lavender fragrance, and finally, spray on a perfume that has a lavender scent similar to the body wash and lotion. Go for body wash brands like Lux, Fiama Di Wills, or Dove.  You can also find deodorant sprays like Yardley London, Nivea, Dove, and more.

Spray some on your hair

Here’s an interesting trivia, perfumes and deodorant sprays last longer on your hair than your skin. Having said that, putting them directly on your scalp might not be the best idea. Instead, spray some on the tips of your mane or on your hairbrush and run the brush through your hair. You can also use hair fragrance oils or scented sprays specifically for your tresses.

Spray it right after your shower

The best time to spray the perfume? When your skin is washed, fresh and just a little damp. The scent holds on to the moisture and binds to your skin, thus lasting all day.  Plus, you get to start your day on a fresh note!

Aim for warm areas on your body

Where you put them makes a difference too. Perfume lasts longer if you spray it on areas of your body like the pulse points on your wrists, the nape of your neck, behind the ears, inside your elbows, and behind your knees. The reason being, your veins near the surface at these points generate heat and make the scent stay on for a longer time.

Carry some with you for touch-ups

With the purses getting smaller thanks to fashion trends or fear of dropping your precious glass perfume, you can take a mini version of your signature scent with you for touch-ups throughout the day. Alternately, you can spray it into cotton balls and carry those in a zip-lock pouch. Use these for touch-ups. This is a lot simpler than taking a whole bottle of perfume or deo-spray with you! Get good-quality cotton balls from brands like MeeMee, Bella, or Bare Essentials. You can even get airtight plastic bags like Glad Storage Zipper Bags that will hold perfumed cotton balls easily!

Don’t Rub

You may have the habit of rubbing your wrists together as soon as you spray the perfume (blame it on the movies and serials where we see it happen). Turns out, the friction caused by rubbing makes the scent breakdown and fade quickly. So, it’s best to avoid it.

Use every drop

Instead of discarding your perfume when the spraying mechanism no longer works, you can mix the last few drops with an unscented lotion. Applying this lotion on your skin will make the scent last all day. However, do not try this with perfume bottles that cannot be opened, as forcing the bottle open could cause you injuries.

Know your perfume

Buying the right kind of perfume is crucial for making it last longer. Pick a scent with a strong base smell, like citrus or floral. Sprays that are called eau de cologne, eau de toilette or body spray do not last very long as their concentration of fragrance oils is low. Extrait de parfum and eau de parfum are strong scents that will last an entire day.

Don’t shake it

‘Shake well before use’ does not apply in this case. Perfume bottles are not supposed to be shaken. Doing this allows in the air that will reduce the product’s quality. Hence, avoid shaking your perfume bottles.

So, get ready to bid adieu to body odour without much hassle. Hope these tips help you make sure that your perfume or deodorant spray lasts for a long time and keeps you smelling dewy-fresh this scorching-hot summer!

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