Serene Ranges (Your beauty guide to hill stations)

Clouds within arm’s reach, cool breeze and the soothing view of the hills and valleys is a peaceful scene anyone would enjoy. Planning a curvy road trip can be fun but don’t forget to carry the right products to care for oneself during the journey. Below are a few concerns to think about while you plan this vacation.

Traveller’s talk:

Traveller and blogger Ramya Rao of “thefearless_archer” says, ” Due to the low temperature, my hair gets rough and brittle, skin gets patchy and itchy because of dehydration. The products she relies on are a good hand cream to smack on every hour, argan oil based serum for hair and multivitamin fruit juice to keep her skin hydrated.”

Expert advice

Dr. Anup Dhir, Senior Consultant Cosmetic Surgeon, Apollo Hospital, Delhi: On a hill station the air is usually purer but the main force may be the wind. So, plan on carrying a beany, scarf and pair of gloves to keep yourself warm. Most importantly, moisturise your skin well.

Makeup Expert Vydurya Lokesh of Artistry by Vydurya: As awesome as hill stations sound, the only downfall will be how your skin can get chapped and dry due to the cold weather. A generous portion of moisturiser and powder foundation should do the trick to keep the face matt and nice. Choose a bright shade of eyeliner to add a fun quotient to your look. Carry a makeup setting spray to use it in between the hiatus of the day, to immediately refresh the makeup and look flawless.


Be it the cold winds or a walk under the snowfall, dry and pale or reddish skin are a few concerns you need to find remedies for.

How to beat the cold and avoid your face from going dry?

As the winds might be dewy and harsh, possibilities of your skin going pale and limp are high and can make your skin dry. Load your face with a thick cream and coat your lips with a nourishing balm.

What can be done if you end up with a windburn? How can you prevent the same?

Even if you are all packed from head toe in winter wear, there is always your eyes, nose and cheeks that will be exposed, which can cause windburns and turn red. Opt for a good pair of sunglasses for your eyes. For the nose and cheeks, apply a dab of sunscreen over the moisturiser.

How to keep your skin from going dry and flaky?

Rather than a soap, use a body wash to keep your body more nourished. Don’t forget to moisturise your entire body before clothing yourself, so as to keep them from getting dry and itchy.

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The mist and fog tend to keep your hair constantly damp, making it parched and dull. Apart from beanies and woolen caps to save your hair, carry nourishing hair care products to keep those locks lush.

How to avoid your hair from looking parched?

Your hair will be cold and because of the wind it might get dehydrated quickly. Use an argan oil or coconut oil based hair serum/cream to keep them well nourished. Men can opt for a good hair cream or gel to set the hair and beard balm to soothe the frizz.

What are the ways to tame tangled and messy hair?

The rough air can easily tangle your hair into a mess. Carry a pocket friendly wide toothed comb to help detangle your locks easily. You can even tie them into a pony or a loose bun to keep them from straying away. A good serum can also help keep from becoming frizzy or twisting up.

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No matter where you go, everyone has a right of say in how they want to look. Be it looking gorgeous or turning into a handsome hunk, look your best in your winter wear with the following thoughts in mind.

What kind of base makeup is suitable for a cold and windy destination?

You can opt for SPF based foundation and concealer to protect your skin at high altitudes where UV rays affect quickly. Go for liquid or cream-based products to keep your skin hydrated. If you are opting for powder-based products, make sure to team them up with hydrating products to balance them.

How can you look gorgeous while you are all packed from head to toe?

As for jazzing yourself up while on the vacay, you can opt for glossy lipsticks of reds and browns. A coat of mascara or a black liner and kajal can enhance your look.

Layer your body with moisturisers and warm clothes and you are all set to enjoy the scenic beauty of the ranges.

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Article by Namratha C S

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