Into the wilderness (Your beauty guide for wildlife and trekking)

The shades of greens and browns with spots of sunrays seeping through the trees, the chirping of birds and insects around and the rustling of leaves under your feet sounds like a musical dream destination to be in. While you pack your gears for a good hike or a safari and other adventures, add in products to help keep your body safe. As you will be backpacking, carrying a minimal number of products is a thought to consider. Below are a few beauty concerns to think about while you plan this vacation.

Traveller’s talk:

Pramod Angadi “thatbearded_traveler”, a biker and hiker shares, “As the sun hits the face directly, it’s a must to use cream of minimum 50SPF to avoid sunburn. One can opt for a gentle face wash to clean out the dirt and sweat remains by using it day and night before sleeping and moisturise it with your preferred cold cream or day cream. To keep the hair intact dry shampoo is easy to use and works well. For keeping your body fresh and odour free, utilise a good amount of wet wipes.”

Expert advice

Dr. Anup Dhir, Senior Consultant Cosmetic Surgeon, Apollo Hospital, Delhi shares, “If going out to a wildlife resort, protect yourself against mosquito and insect bites with a good quality repellant. Hat is an important accessory to keep the wind and the sun at bay. Tying your hair up and wearing a scarf may be useful. Sunscreen and sunglasses are a must.”

Makeup Expert Vydurya Lokesh of Artistry by Vydurya says, “When you are heading deep into the lush forest life, it’s going to be a hot and an active day. Choose to keep the face light and the lips subtle and natural as it’s highly unlikely for you to carry your touch up lipstick around. The best idea would be to dab on some dark smudge proof kohl and play with some mascara to open up the eyes and match with the casuals.”


While traveling into a forest, you come in contact with a lot of unknown issues, be it insect bites, the constant change of weather or the uneven trails. One needs to ready themselves to care for their body against all odds.

How to protect yourself from insect and bug bites?

With a variety of insects around, carrying a good repellant cream or spray is a must to avoid allergic reactions or infections. Light body moisturisers can help coat your skin layer from insects.

What can be done to clean oneself up while constantly sweating?

This journey needs one to be highly active and sweating is unavoidable. Carry original or mint scented powder, wet wipes and tissue wipes to dab on the body to soak in the sweat. Wet wipes can also clean dirt off your body if it’s hard to find a stream to wash yourself.

How to keep our face from getting breakouts due to sweat?

While finding place and time for dressing up can be tough, a refreshing face wash to feel clean sounds good. Water from streams or a little water that you carry can be used to do the same. You can also carry a cucumber/ tea tree oil infused refreshing toner to spray it on.

How to beat body odour due to sweat?

As you would be in the middle of a jungle or a mountain range, days without a hot shower is something to keep in mind. This can cause odour and to help beat that, you can pack along pocket deodorant sprays or roll-ons. Women can carry panty liners to help avoid the discharge smell.

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Fluctuating temperature and limited opportunity for a bath, your hair can go dry, frizzy and dirty or even limp because of sweat. Carrying the right set of products can help treat your tresses.

How to tame your hair when there is no option for a shower for many days?

As a bath is out of the question, you can carry dry shampoo and leave-in conditioners to tame your hair.

What can be done detangle and clear our dirt from hair?

A good hairbrush or thin teethed comb can help take out all the dirt from your hair. Opt for a serum or cream. Use your fingers to slightly separate your locks and then run the comb/brush through them gently.

How to carry products that are not available in sachets or minimal quantity?

You can shift apt products into tiny bottles or go for small packs and sachets to avoid adding weight to your backpack.

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Minimal or no makeup is the go-to look while amidst a forest. Steer away from bright shaded lipsticks or eye pencils as they draw in insects and animals.

What minimal products can you use to look good?

You can select easy-to-use makeup products to look your best. Kajal/eye pencils, tinted lip balms, foundation stick and compact powder to dab away the sweat.

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Safety kit

What kind of products do you need for your first aid kit?

Cuts, wounds and burns are common, so pack a first aid kit with cotton, Dettol/Savlon, antiseptic cream or powder, band-aids, cotton, gauze and plasters for immediate care.

Do not carry products that are floral or fruity or heavily scented or flavoured as they attract bugs and animals.

Article by – Namratha C S

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