The biker in you (your beauty guide for biking)

Planning on riding away into the unknown roads is a thrilling experience to live by. While good preparation is needed for the trip, safety and gearing up is highly important. Apart from riding gears, keep a set of products for hair and skincare as well. As you will be carrying minimal luggage, plan it according to your necessities. Just like your service kit, make space for a safety and a grooming kit.  Following are the concerns you might want to consider.

Traveller’s talk

Manan Daga, a biker, CEO and founder of Gear N Ride (a place to buy or rent gear and accessories for bike, cars and riders) shares, “Though he loves to maintain hygiene by taking a shower, hand sanitizers, wet tissues and use of Balaclavas come to his rescue while on the road.

Expert advice

Makeup expert Vydurya Lokesh of Artistry by Vydurya: Minimalism is the trait of any biker! The lesser things in the backpack the better. A few must haves are SPF, lip balm and moisturiser. Do put on tons of mascara to make those eyes look sharp and sultry even through the helmet visor. It’s highly advisable to keep the face away from as many products and colours as possible as it is subjected to harsh sunlight and various other dust materials. Wash the face regularly in between pit stops and be generous with the SPF application.


The right products and care can aid in fighting sunburn and breakout due to sweating under the helmet.

How to keep your body fresh and energised while on the road?

Having planned each of your destinations ahead, depending on a hotel stay or camping, you might want to carry soap/body washes and face wash. If you are planning on camping, you can select face wash and wet wipes.

How to treat your skin from long sweat soaked rides?

Moisturising your skin is a must as you will be geared up most of the time and it will help fight smell and avoid burns from long rides.

How to treat windburns due to gushing air while on bike?

Using sunscreen is essential as you will be under the sun while on the road during daytime and it will help beat windburns.

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Constantly keeping the helmet on can cause your hair to go dull due to sweat and pressure over it. Whenever you take a break to sleep in or camp, treat those tresses well with a few simple tips.

How to keep the hair from going limp and scalp from turning itchy?

For the hotel, you can carry a hair grooming kit with shampoo, conditioner, gel or hair wax. For longer journeys, you can also opt for a mini shaving or beard grooming kit if you plan on grooming yourself while on the trip.

As you will be constantly wearing helmet, oiling your hair before shampooing will keep it hydrated and your scalp itch free. If you are camping, you can select a dry shampoo and a leave-in conditioner or serum to nourish your locks.

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Keeping it natural is the way to go. But if you are someone who loves to touch up, you can opt for a light and sharp makeup with a few good products.

What products can your carry to deck up while on the road?

Keep your lips well-nourished with a good lip balm. You can go for a powder-based foundation or compact, tinted lip balms and smudge proof black eye pencils to look good when you take off your helmet.

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Safety kit

Staying safe is the most important while on the road. Sometimes even minor accidents are inevitable, thus it’s better to prepare yourself with a basic medical kit for emergencies.

What kind of products do you need for your first aid kit?

A first aid kit with cotton, Dettol/ Savlon, antiseptic cream or powder, band aids, cotton, burn healing cream, gauze and plasters for immediate care.

No matter how high the adrenaline rush while riding or how far your destination might be, treating your body right and staying protected is the most important thing to follow.

Article by Namratha C S


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