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5 Tasty popsicles to try at home

Be it lollies, ice candies, lollypops or popsicles, our childhood summer memories come running back to us. Slurping on our favourite flavour with friends or family this season is a moment to cherish. Here are a few delicious recipes you can try to quench your thirst during the afternoons.

Alphonso Mango Lollypop          

Who doesn’t love mango right? Every bite feels like your favourite symphony playing in your head. Mango blended with a zing of sourness from the lemon makes this a mouthwatering recipe. It is sweetened using sugar and honey balancing the acidity of the mango. Sprinkled with basil seeds for a fresh hint of flavour, this frozen dessert is refreshing. It is a quick recipe that can be prepared within minutes and frozen for an hour or less till it sets.

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Tea Popsicle

Tea is an all-time favourite drink in India. Be it morning, evening or night, people say ‘chai ho jaye’? Spiced with ginger and cardamom, a cup of masala tea can calm you down anytime. This recipe adds a little twist by turning tea into a cold popsicle to enjoy this hot season. It is creamy, tasty and easy to prepare. It is made of easily available ingredients like tea powder, whipped cream and sugar. Replace your evening tea with this and let your mind chillax.

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Chocolate Popsicle

Desserts on mind? Chocolate is the go-to flavour! This dish is like an iced version of hot chocolate. Cool off your body with this simple and delectable popsicle during the afternoons or the evenings. Made with cocoa powder, milk and corn flour, the recipe sets easily and offers an irresistible taste. A must try delicious evening dessert for your kids and your family!

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Virgin Pina Colada Popsicles

A dash of flavours is the way to describe this recipe and the name makes it sound even yummier. This candy is a blend of various essences from coconut milk, vanilla ice cream, pineapple and fresh tender coconut which enhances the taste buds with each bite. It’s easy to make and a great option for mid-afternoon or evening summer party. Popularly known as a mocktail, this frozen dessert with the same blend of taste is a nice twist that anyone would enjoy.

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Watermelon candy

A thirst-quenching fruit turned into a lolly! This spiced watermelon candy recipe is mouth-watering and will be a definite hit during summer amongst people of all ages. Tough making your kids eat fruits? Well, try spicing and icing them before serving it to your kids and they will surely come back for more. Mashed watermelon, sweetened with jaggery makes it a healthy candy to snack on. Added zing or lemon and the jeera and chat masala makes the taste very interesting.

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Try out these delectable frozen candy recipes to shoo away the summer heat.

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