Celeb Beauty Inspiration- Alia Bhatt

Ever since her debut in Student of The Year, Alia Bhatt has gained quite a fan following. Along with her impeccable acting, we are also quite impressed by the way she carries herself in terms of dressing and makeup. Here, we have tried to decode some of her looks…

 All natural and ‘my skin but better’ look

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While there are so many actors who prefer going all glam with beaming highlights and heavy contours, the actress prefers looking like a diva with as much minimal makeup as possible. Whether it’s an award function, promotional event, or just a casual day out, Alia is seen with dewy and natural looking skin most of the times. She likes to keep her makeup as minimal as possible and opts for that irresistible combination that is soft yet sultry. It’s more in like ‘my skin but better’ look. She lets her flawless skin do all the talking instead.

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Nude lips anytime, any day

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ब्राइड्ज़ मेड💙

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In line with keeping her makeup minimal, Alia loves wearing nude lipsticks and goes for pinkish hues most of the times. It makes for the perfect everyday colour, especially if you are trying to achieve a no-makeup makeup look. You can choose a nude lip that is just like the natural colour of your lips, or any hue of your choice and create a natural-looking pout.

Flaunting naturally glowing skin

Alia is amongst those actors who have naturally good skin. Going by her interviews, she pays emphasis on her diet and is also a fan of exercising such as pilates. There is no escaping right lifestyle habit and for that enviable glow. On top of that, ensuring that your skin is well moisturised at all times makes a huge difference. Pick a hydrating and moisturising product that suits your skin type.

Smokey eye is the saviour

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Roop 🍂

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When not minimal, the star also likes to sport that smokey eye for both day and night time events. She balances the look with a nude lip. The actress also likes to smudge out her kajal or kohl to give her eyes a soft smoky effect. Take cue from Alia and flaunt your smokey eye during the day as well (just keep the dramatic eyes for the evening).

Naturally flushed cheeks

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क्लोज़ उप 🌸

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Alia is often seen wearing soft hues of corals and pinks on her cheeks that makes her look like she is blushing from within. The diva prefers a subtle hint of colour and often skips contouring and bronzing. This further adds to her fresh and dewy look. The star is also seen wearing a subtle highlighter along with the blush when she wants to take her look to another level. On a daily basis, you too can opt for such soft tones on your cheeks and skip bronzer.

Brightening concealer to the rescue

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Also sported is Alia wearing a brightening concealer under her eyes to make them look fresh and brighter. This simple trick can make a whole world of difference to your face especially if you have dark circles or just dull looking under eyes. Just keep a brightening concealer ready on the days you feel that your eyes need that extra boost.

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