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Coconut oil – The flavour-packed oil of southern India

Coconut oil has stood out among many oils for its health and beauty benefits in the past few years and still growing in popularity. Be it for skin, hair or health, the oil holds many enhancing qualities. Its aroma and strong flavour are few of the known attributes. Gorgeous soft skin and thick silky hair are proven effects of this oil.


The practice of using coconut oil can be recorded since ancient times. Today this oil is used in tropical regions such as Africa, South and Central America, the vast majority of Asia and India. Philippines is the greatest producer of this oil in the world, while Indonesia and India are other giant manufacturers of this magnificent oil.

Extracted from squeezing the fat from the coconut kernel, approximately 85% of its calories are derived from saturated fat. Apart from being high saturated fat, this oil boasts of some incredible benefits which merit its consumption in various cuisines globally.


Along with having culinary benefits, it is potent to maintain a healthy body. The proven popularity and rewards make this an essential oil to be included as a part of your lifestyle. Due to its noteworthy attributes, this oil is known to reduce fat, control hunger, strengthen the immune system, reduce heart-related diseases, and fight-off ageing ailments like dementia and Alzheimer.

Note: If you have any health ailments, please consult your doctor first.


The coconut palm is a tropical plant and is developed under various soil types such as laterite, coastal sandy, loamy, and soils of the muddy marshes. Seedlings need to be sowed at the start of the monsoon. Planting can also be done before the beginning of the north-east monsoon. In low-lying regions sowing can be done after the suspension of the monsoon.


All the calories in coconut oil come from fat. It is a powerhouse of healthy fatty acids and saturated fat. The key component to be highlighted is MCT also called MCFA-Medium Chain Fatty Acids which converts fat into fuel for energy.

It contains essential vitamins that protect the organs, reduces the blood pressure and includes many more benefits. This oil has a long shelf life and high heat point.

One tablespoon of coconut oil contains the following:

Total Fat



Saturated Fat








Due to the high amount of saturated fat, this wonderful oil can withstand high cooking temperatures. It is used to roast, sautéing, dressing, and is also in vegetable shortening to prepare confectionaries like cookies, desserts, pastries, and so on.  Coconut oil is used as a perfect substitute for butter in baked items and dough batters.  Many add it in their morning coffee to imbibe its health aids and a potent morning kick.



This hale and hearty oil is a powerhouse stacked with goodness that raises HDL – High-Density Lipoproteins (good) cholesterol and brings down the danger of coronary illness. It is also effective in curing chronic digestive problems. In India, coconut oil is famous for its ability to give you thick, long luscious tresses and also prevents your hair from greying.

It is known to prevent dry scalp thereby reduces dandruff by keeping the scalp soft and moist. Similarly, coconut oil is effective as a skin moisturiser. The Vitamin E content in it helps stop the damage on body tissues and also reduces signs of skin ageing.

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Coconut is known for its multiple benefits that come out of its various forms such as, the raw fruit, the cream, the tender water inside, the processed oil and even the shell. Known for its various uses, it’s highly preferred in a few of the southern regions of India, especially the coastal area. Go ahead and try out the above delicious recipes to relish the taste.

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