Top 8 fragrances for the monsoons

Watching the rain while you are sipping on a piping hot cup of tea or listening to music is something that makes the monsoon season unique! Especially after a scorching summer, the downpour comes as a blessing. However, staying fresh and feeling energised during dark and cloudy days might get challenging at times. The weather can bring you down if you don’t see the sun for a while, or the humidity can give that sticky feeling that you so want to avoid. Luckily, today, you will find intelligently crafted fragrances that can perk up your mood this time around. Brought to you by some of the leading brands in the market, these scents will rejuvenate your spirit. Below are out top picks…

Guess 1981 Eau de Toilette 100ml

Formulated for women, this eau de toilette will remind you of the gentle ocean breeze and the golden warmth of beach sand. It is a refreshing and cool concoction of spicy and earthy notes, with a hint of muskiness. Cardamom, black pepper and citrus caviar are the top notes which lend a warm, spicy effect, making it ideal to deal with the monsoon boredom. Geranium and Blue Coral Aqua Space are the heart notes which are fresh and subtly flowery. And the base notes comprise of rippled sand, cashmere wood and musk, which make for a warm and exotic aftermath.

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Guess Dare Eau de Toilette 100ml

This fragrance for women hits with a gorgeous blend of fruity and floral notes, ideal to liven your mind and brighten up a rainy day. Then, its musky and woody notes linger, waking you up to the unique smells of monsoon. The top notes of lemon and pear blossoms and kumquat can give you the freshness you need to fight the humidity that comes after a light shower. Jasmine and wild rose scents make up the heart notes and complement the citrusy freshness. The base notes are a blend of musk, coconut accords and blond wood.

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Playboy Play It Wild Eau de Toilette 90ml

For women who love the pitter patter of rain and the exotic way the earth smells after a shower, this eau de toilette from Playboy will surely impress your olfactory senses. If you are tired of looking at a constantly grey sky, the top notes of pear, mandarin and neroli will refresh you. Heart notes of orange-cola chord, mandarin blossom and rhubarb will prolong that fresh and flirty mood. And the base notes of violet, amber and vanilla will make for a luxurious sensation that is exclusive and long-lasting.

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Jaguar Stance Eau de Toilette 100ml

Packaged in a classy grey and black bottle, Jaguar Stance is perfect for the confident modern man who gets his job done no matter how much it rains or how muddy the roads get. A creative and vibrant scent, its top notes are mainly spicy with a fruity touch. You will love the heat and energy of nutmeg, black pepper, cardamom, apple and mandarin on a wet, cold day. Cashmere, patchouli, cedar and vetiver form the heart notes for a rich and woody sensation. And base notes of vanilla, amber, moss and papyrus will help you connect with the beauty of monsoon and the smell of wet leaves.

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Jaguar Classic Amber Eau de Toilette 100ml

Masculine, seductive and crisp, this scent is for the stylish man who romanticises rains and is confident at every event. You can fight the gray coldness of monsoon with the top notes of mandarin, grapefruit, pink pepper and petit grain. If the scent of rain-soaked greenery inspires you, the heart notes of black pepper, cinnamon, orange blossoms, apple, and Elemi resin will too. The lingering base notes of leather, cedar wood, vanilla, musk, patchouli, vetiver and labdanum will boost your manly aura and keep you smelling amazing no matter how wet you get in a sudden shower.

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Nautica Blue Eau de Toilette 100ml

Do you dream of walking through lush greenery when it rains, soaking in the scents of nature and flowers? Then this zesty, crisp and earthy eau de toilette is just what you need. While top notes of amber and lavender soothe your senses, the heart notes of sage and lemon rose lend a fresh vibe. Moss, musk and amber make up the base notes which give you a lasting masculine vigour.

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Police Original Eau de Toilette 100ml

Does the monsoon season make you feel lethargic? Then choose this scent from Police to feel active and sprightly. This trendy and powerful eau de toilette invigorates you with top notes of mint, lavender and bergamot. A subtle floral essence from middle notes like violets and geranium soothes your senses and the base notes of sandalwood, musk and cedar complement the earthy smell of rain.


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Playboy King Eau de Toilette 100ml

Planning to impress your date on a rainy afternoon when you can’t go out? Or, are grey clouds bringing down the energy level at a business meeting? Gear up with this fragrance that has black pepper, lemon and cardamom for spicy top notes. Heart notes of coffee and granny smith apple will surely boost your alertness, while base notes of vanilla, cedar and patchouli will awe anyone who gets close to you!

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Finally, remember to always spray a scent on pulse points like base of the neck, wrists, and behind ears, so that it lasts long. You can also spray on elbows and behind knees. Choose a fragrance from the list above to suit your mood during the monsoon and experience the exclusive charm of the season.

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