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Top 5 intimate washes every woman should know about

Do you want to make that embarrassing trip to the gynaecologist? We are guessing not. Ignoring the sanitary of your sensitive areas can only lead to ghastly issues that nobody needs to know about. The best solution is to maintain intimate hygiene and choose products that do not disrupt the pH balance of your skin or dry it. Luckily, there are a few top-notch brands that cater to that very need. Here are the top 5 intimate washes every woman should know about…


As one of the first products to make an entry in this niche, VWash has won over women with its effective cleansing properties. Apart from lactic acid that helps in maintaining the pH balance of the skin in the sensitive areas, it has buckthorn oil too. The latter is extracted from sea buckthorn berries and has bioflavonoids that keep infections away. The product is also infused with tea tree oil, well known for its anti-fungal properties. If you suffer from the common problem of fungal infections in your intimate area, then the regular use of VWash intimate wash may help you prevent the ailment and avoid medications for the same in the future.

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Bella Intimate Wash (Sensitive)

Along with being one of the most popular brands in this category for its effectiveness, Bella which is used by women across the world also has other advantages to offer. Enriched with D-panthenol (the equivalent of Vitamin B5), this intimate wash which is imported from Europe provides essential nutrients while cleansing and protecting from dryness. After use, you will find that your skin is well moisturised, softer and has a better texture. The product also has Allantoin which helps curb skin irritations to a great extent.

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Wow Skin Science F&G Freedom Cleansing Foaming Wash

This wash with a no parabens, no sulphates formula is perfect for those who are susceptible to allergic reactions. While it is best to avoid harsh chemicals on the skin in general, it is even more important when it comes to your sensitive areas. This product caters to this need perfectly. The Wow Skin Science intimate wash comes fortified with the immense anti-bacterial properties of tea tree oil, a good anti-fungal agent. An important point that deserves attention here is that this wash comes in foam form. This allows you to use just a tiny little bit each time and make it last really long. Looking for a value for money choice? Well, this one is a smart choice for you.

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Globus V Gyto

Do you wish for a product that combines natural ingredients with modern medicine? Your answer might lie in this intimate wash. It is formulated with approved ingredients alongside age-old solutions like tea tree oil and neem that help fight infections and skin irritation. Used since ancient times, neem is an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial cleaning agent that nature has presented to us. It helps maintain skin that is clean, healthy and infection free. The product also contains aloe vera which is a natural solution for skin infections, minor injuries and rashes.

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St. Botanica Feminine Intimate Hygiene Wash

If you are avoiding soap for your intimate areas, this hypoallergenic, zero alcohol product fits the bill perfectly. The St. Botanica intimate wash is gentle enough to use every day without any fear of drying out the skin. Further, this product is fortified with odour block protection. It consists of tea tree oil that fights fungal infections and keeps bacteria away, as well as witch hazel which is anti-inflammatory and soothing to the skin. The rose water offers a refreshing, cleansing, and fragrant effect.

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Just pick up any one of these top rated products and say goodbye to odours, irritations and infections in your sensitive areas forever!

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