Last-minute hacks for shiny hair

While we all dream of flaunting a super shiny and lustrous mane, the reality is something else altogether. Blame it on the pollution, bad lifestyle choices and lack of time. Thankfully, some last-minute hacks can save your tresses! Here are some of them…

Vinegar Rinse

We agree that a vinegar rinse does not smell the best, but it is well worth in the end. Since this wonder is super acidic, it helps in breaking down any build-up in scalp and hair (due to which hair loses shine and appears dull, dry and weighed down).

Apple cider vinegar mixed in equal proportion of water also makes an excellent quick remedy to naturally balance the pH levels. It works like a magic potion smoothening and detangling the knots. The shine is visible; since the hair’s cuticles become more light reflective.

A quick vinegar rinse and blow dry will save your day by instantly bringing a silky effect to your tresses.

All-time favourite serum/spray

The beauty of serums is how fast they work in turning limp and listless hair into something spectacular. Always keep one handy for that last-minute charm. For best results, apply throughout the length of the strands running the fingers till the end.

Depending upon the look you want to achieve you can either comb it through for a straight appearance or simply scrunch it up and let it loose for bouncy curls. Exclude application to the roots as it will make your hair look flat.

Rub a concoction of lightweight oils

Argan oil is highly revered in the world of beauty as it has proven to bring luxurious shine to the hair. Another added advantage of this how light it is! For a powerful concoction that moisturises and softens, pour avocado oil, argan oil, almond oil, olive oil in equal parts into a clean spray bottle. While almond oil fights frizz, avocado oil heals breakages and reduces brittleness, olive oil is known for improving elasticity.

Now keep in mind you need to use just a very little amount, else it will make your hair look like it is doused in oil. Spritz some drops into your palm, rub together vigorously to heat up and thin down the oils. Lastly, run your fingers in between the tresses. Concentrate near the tips to smooth down split ends.

Styling with a light touch

Since you are dealing with dry brittle hair, styling a complicated hair-do can be a tough job. To prevent breakage, style it lightly.

Use an appropriate hairbrush and use with a gentle hand. Pressurized brushing can further damage and break the strands.

Using drying sheets to rub the tresses before it is styled is also a good practice. These are usually coated with wax which brings the much-needed shine and smoothness to the hair.

Try these tricks when you are in a hurry and wish to fake shiny hair.

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