How to rainproof your makeup

With the rainy season in full swing, you might be experiencing both its boons and banes. And along with the leaves and mud in the running water, chances are you might land up seeing your makeup too! For the downpour coupled with humidity can bring in those raccoon eyes, streaking foundation and bleeding lipsticks. Not a pleasant situation to be in, is it? To save you from these very makeup woes, we have roped in experts who share some valuable advice…

The base

As Megan Trainor rightly said (albeit in a completely different context), ‘it’s all about the base’. This makeup step is a game-changer when it comes to the overall finish. Needless to say, you must give it special attention this season too.

Renowned Bollywood and Bridal Makeup Artist Ojas Rajani shares, “Make sure that you use a primer otherwise your makeup is going to get all runny.” The expert cautions against going over the top and suggests keeping it simple instead. “If you cannot skip the foundation, please blend it well first. A lot of people omit this. Start with less and then apply more if you feel the need to.”

As per the veteran artist, it is best to go for a tinted moisturiser. Another idea is to pick a good water-based concealer. “That is what we mostly use for crying scenes in movies and soap commercials,” shares Ojas.

Professional Makeup Artist Aakriti Kochar echoes similar views. Her tip is to use a water-based foundation, spray foundation (such as Dior) or powder foundation (such as Mac Studio Fix Powder) “If you need more coverage, go for a BB or CC cream. Being an all in one solution, you can avoid the hassle of putting layers of different products,” she reasons.

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Cheeks and contouring points

Just applying foundation may end up making your face look flat. A cheek tint can help in defining your look. Only keep in mind, the formulation you use might make all the difference. Aakriti advises, “Opt for matte blush in powder form for monsoon as your skin will automatically become dewy and glow.”

As per Ojas, you can dab on a cream blush of a shade that is more natural-looking. “Many celebrities use this trick for the airport look.” The expert adds, “These days you get these 3 in 1 cheek, lip and eye tints which look like nail polish.  You can even apply this under makeup. After putting it your skin will have a natural and peachy tone instead of looking ghostly white.” If you have an occasion where you have to load on the makeup Ojas stresses on finishing with a setting spray to seal in the makeup.

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How you play your lips will further define your overall look. Once again, you want to stick to a formulation that will not get affected by the humidity and rain. A wise option this time around is a lip crayon. Ojas shares, “They will stay on the lips and are easy on the pocket too.” The expert cautions against glossy lipsticks and suggests mattifying ones instead.

For those of you who prefer a neutral coverage daily, Aakriti suggests lip stains or creams. Liquid lipsticks which dry up and don’t cause any discomfort in this sticky weather are a safe bet too according to her.

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Now, this can be the trickiest part for none of us want to end up with raccoon eyes. There is no arguing that waterproof mascaras and smudge-proof kajals are a given here. As for the eyeshadows, Aakriti feels that ones in powdered form are the easiest to work with this time around.

Ojas shares a trick to ensure that your kajal and eyeshadow remain intact in the rains for a long time. The expert reveals, “Dip the brush in a makeup setting spray or water first and then mix it with the eyeshadow before applying. You can also smudge your kajal with water while framing the eyes.”

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Other tips by Aakriti:

  • When picking skincare/ makeup products for monsoon, keep in mind most of your products are water-based as these are lightweight.
  • To keep your makeup intact, always use a powder followed by any liquid/ creamy / gel-based products. This avoids wear off and helps in sealing your makeup. Irrespective, keep your compact and lipsticks for touch-ups!

Follow these simple tricks and tips to not let the weather dampen your look!

Article by – Prajna Rao


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