Top 7 handmade soaps for that pampering experience

Bundled up with the goodness of natural ingredients, handmade soaps offer a unique and pampering experience. As most of what is used in this kind of skincare product is closer to their original form, it offers a whole lot of benefits. Firstly, the glycerine content moisturises and hydrates whereas other essential oils, natural butters and herbs further nourish and amp up the skin texture.

Here, we have picked up top 7 handmade soaps for that luxurious and aromatic bathing experience.

Fuschia Rose & Petals Natural Handmade Herbal Soap

Made with love from all things rose such as rose oil, rose water and rose petals, this natural soap from the range of Fuschia offers a luxurious and aromatic bathing experience. The favourite flower of many has long been known for soothing irritations and improving the health of the skin. What’s more, this product is also infused with essential oils and glycerine that deeply moisturise and leave behind a supple effect. Perfect to wake up to or retire from the drudgery of the day!

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Bliss Botanicals Kokum Butter Soap with Peppermint & Tea Tree Essential Oil

Ideal for those who prefer their products to be organic and cruelty-free, this soap from the house of Bliss Botanicals brings to you the goodness of kokum butter, peppermint and tea tree essential oil. Kokum butter offers intense moisturisation and nourishment whereas peppermint calms the skin and offers that tingling cooling sensation. Finally, tea tree essential oil with its superpowers acts like an anti-bacterial agent, banishing eruptions and infections. By the end of it expect supple and healthy skin!

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Soulflower Cold Processed Anti Tan Tomato Handmade Soap 

Soulflower has brought a pure natural vegan soap that is made of a unique formula. The hero ingredient here is the tomato that with its vitamins works hard to banish those tans and brighten the skin. Also present here is pure beetroot extracts that further help fade tan lines. Then you have coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil, palm oil, vitamin E oil which needless to say, make your skin super soft and radiant. Enjoy this tangy treat for this skin that protects and heals!

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Nyassa Sacred Sandalwood Handmade Soap

Held sacred since ancient India, sandalwood is one of those magical ingredients for beauty. It also helps that this wonder lends a woody, warm and calming fragrance. This special handmade soap from Nyassa is bundled up with a whole lot of other beneficial ingredients too. These include aloe vera extract that heals and protects against skin breakouts. Grape seed extracts and Vitamin E Acetate nourishes whereas honey, cold pressed sweet almond oil, cold pressed wheat germ oil makes the skin super soft and glowing. Further chamomile extracts soothe, cleanses and keeps germs at bay. Phew! Could you possibly need anything more from a soap?

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Soulflower Cold Processed Hot Chocolate Handmade Soap

Who doesn’t like chocolate right? Relish it in this pampering soap that brings to you the goodness of chocolate, cocoa powder and cocoa butter. It’s packed with antioxidants, boosts skin health and lends a lustre. Then there is vitamin E which heals and protects from damage caused by free radicals. Last but not the least coconut milk, olive oil, coconut oil, castor oil and palm oil all come together to deeply moisturise. Sink into the lush, flavourful and aromatic experience of this soap.

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Nyassa Café Noir Handmade Soap

Wake up to the invigorating goodness of this café soap! Not only does coffee smell great, but it is also known for its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. This skincare product is also infused with activated charcoal which excels in exfoliating the skin by drawing out toxins and germs. Together they create a magical effect on the skin with their anti-oxidant and anti-ageing properties. Enjoy a super clean, healthy and refreshed skin.

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Ancient Living Luxury Handmade Soap – Orange

A superpower ingredient when it comes to skincare, orange aids in lightening blemishes and brightening the skin. It also heals eruptions with its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties. Offering all this goodness, this soap from Ancient Living is prepared with the goodness of orange essential oil. It also contains shea butter, jojoba and olive oil that come together to keep the skin moisturised, healthy and toned. Most importantly, this soap is free of paraben, sulphate and other artificial additives.

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Have you used any of these natural handmade soaps? Share your experience.

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