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Respecting your privacy – Condoms in brown paper bags

Scenario 1: Your kid excitedly peeps into the grocery basket to see if there are any chocolates and comes upon a pack of condoms. “What’s this appa,” he says flaunting it in front of the guests who have come home.

Scenario 2: Your mother-in-law is searching for tomato from the shopping bag that you just got home when she accidentally gets the condom in her hand. Awkward smiles follow…

Scenario 3: You go to the medical shop to pick up condoms when your distant relative lands up at the same time in the same place to buy paracetamol.

None of them is a pleasant situation to be in!

At bigbasket, we respect your privacy and understand the need to be discreet. And to avoid uncomfortable situations mentioned above, we provide all the condom packets in brown paper bags.

Note: We are in no way hinting that what you are doing is disgraceful, we just completely empathise with your need for confidentiality. After all, the bond that you and your partner share is special for both of you. We are also hoping that this will give you all the extra nudge to practise safe sex every time.

Speaking of that unparalleled connection, there is a range of options for you to choose from at bigbasket. Select from air condoms, ultra-thin condoms, ribbed condoms, extra time condoms, zigzag condoms and more.

No more awkwardness, here is to practicing safe sex in the comfort of your privacy!

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