5 Most popular beard styles 

Just like the mane of the crown, how you style and maintain your facial hair makes a huge difference in the overall appearance. The good news is that there is something in there for every beard length and growth out there. And to keep you up with what’s trending, we have roped in the grooming team of JUICE Salon, Sarjapur who share 5 of the most popular styles.


One of the most popular styles with men (as well as women), this is ideal for those who want to sport that rugged and scruffy look.

How to achieve: It’s simple, just let your beard hair grow for 2 – 3 days. 

How to maintain: To ensure that your stubble does not grow into a beard, you should keep trimming it with a beard trimmer machine at level 1. For a better-defined style, always trim it well and accentuate the look with sharp lines around the perimeter.  


Often sported by A list celebs, the goatee is another evergreen trend that never seems to go out of style.

How to achieve: Depending upon the growth of your beard, you need to outgrow it for around a week. Once the base is set, you will have to give it the desired shape around the chin area. Depending on your facial shape, it can triangular, stretched or made compact. You can start with trimming the hair around your neck in an upward motion and then on the sides of the cheek and a bit above the lip area. Just make sure that both the sides are equally aligned. Lastly, use a razor for that final finish. This style can be teamed up with or without a moustache.

How to maintain: The facial hair needs to be shaved while maintaining a goatee. Also, trim the beard on a regular basis to keep the shape.


This beard trend is a combination of a full-grown thick moustache and a less grown beard. It is ideal for guys who have a better moustache growth than a beard one. The light and dark effect variation makes this look smart while giving depth and height to the face shape.

How to achieve: Grow your facial hair into a certain bushy length. Once this is achieved, let your cheeks, chin and sideburns be trimmed to the extent that it looks like a heavy stubble. As for the moustache area, let it grow more on the top lip area.

How to maintain: Once you get the desired results, just ensure that you keep trimming it as and when required to maintain it. 

Full-grown beard

As the name suggests, this is a full-grown beard which takes time to grow and needs maintenance.

What to keep in mind: Achieving is look is as straight forward as letting your facial hair grow to a thick and bushy length.

Maintaining the look: Constantly shaping as per what is desired is a must. Over and above that, there are certain steps that you cannot ignore. Regular use of beard shampoo, conditioner and a beard spa are necessary. As there is no oxygen and sunlight reaching your facial skin below, it would require cleansing to avoid skin flakiness or bacterial infection. 

Use of beard wax or serum is essential to keep it in shape. If the hair is unruly or very rough, one might have to use a dryer to set the beard and keep it in place. If all of this seems too much for you, you can also visit the saloon at intervals for the same.

Beard tattoo

An upcoming trend, the beard tattoo is very similar to a hair tattoo. It is especially popular with the younger generation.

How to achieve: Various forms of designs are made using a razor and clippers. Several fade techniques are incorporated to make it look darker to lighter or vice versa. This is best done under the guidance of a professional.

How to maintain it: It needs to be touched up every week to maintain the look as facial hair grows quickly. Once again, it is best done with an expert. 

So, go ahead and flaunt the beard that suits your personality the best!


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  1. …didn’t know that, stubble is a popular style with women now-a-days!!! At our times, most women were clean-shaven 😝

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