Hair removal myth-buster – How to choose and use products 

Hair Removal

Pinning to flaunt soft and supple legs? Apart from moisturising and exfoliating, hair removal is a step that you cannot skip. But with so many rumours and options flying around, it can get confusing as to what to select and how to go about it. Here, we break some of those common myths and also help you make a more informed decision…

How to remove body hair?

With so many methods available to get the job done, it’s just a matter of choosing your most preferred technique before you have silky smooth skin. Shaving is a popular choice that is easy, inexpensive and simple. Just hydrate your skin under a shower, lather up with a good product and then use a sharp razor to get rid of all the hair.

Lotions are a good option if you tend to scrape or nick yourself when shaving. These work by dissolving the body hair. All you have to do is apply the lotion, leave it on as instructed and then wash it off thoroughly.

Waxing, although maybe a little painful, if done expertly, is a very clean and effective method. A wax allows you to show off smooth, hair-free limbs for a much longer period as compared to shaving or hair removal lotions.

If this is the first time you are going to try a hair removal method, you may have come across many scary stories that have you confused about what to do or not do. Let’s take a look at some common myths and see if they are true or not.

Common hair removal myths

If you shave, your hair will grow back thicker and faster: Your hair grows back in exactly the same texture, thickness and speed as always. Removing it does not necessarily change it. It’s just that the short hair on the skin would stand straight rather than fall flat like the slightly grown one. Shaving can strip away the moisture layer of the skin, hence it is important to follow it up with a good body lotion or cream. Also, most of razors these days come with a moisture strip to ensure that your skin remains smooth even after.  

Hair removal is painful: It is true, that hair removal is painful (ask anyone who has undergone a bikini wax). The good news is that there are ways of reducing the levels of torture. For instance, scheduling a waxing appointment two weeks after your periods when you are not so sore can help. Other options include exfoliating a week before (so that the hair comes out easily) or ensuring that you do not have any stimulants like coffee that can tighten the pores before the session. 

Laser hair removal is a one-time solution for hair removal: Not quite. You do need to follow up sessions even with this method. Since the laser may not target all of your hair follicles in one single sitting, you might require multiple ones to start with. But yes, there will be a decrease in the growth to a great extent.  

Only hair of a certain length can be removed by any method: Waxing may have this requirement to some levels but not any other method. Before you do so, just check with the salon regarding the length, and you are good to go! In these cases, shaving works well too as it can snip off small-length hair. 

The right products to use 

Waxing, shaving and hair removal lotions are three good options you have at hand. You also have a number of tried and tested products for each method available today in the marketplace. Take a look at how to pick up the right ones.  


Soft wax is also called strip wax and it is easy to apply and use when you are on the run. Hard wax gives you a slightly more effective, less painful waxing session but you need to heat it up a bit before use. You also get pre-waxed strips that are the simplest of all and least messy to use. 

There are quite a few brands that offer wax hair removal products. The Italian brand Rica has a variety of waxes for different skin types. You can get something like a waxing roll-on applicator that comes with a self-contained heating mechanism. As far as waxing strips are concerned, Veet is suitable for different skin types.  


This is effective for underarm hair, legs, arms or your bikini line. For shaving, you can use either an electric shaver or a manual one. A manual shaver helps you cut the hair even shorter though the frequency with which you need to shave may reduce if you do it manually. An electric one makes the process effortless and quicker. Always choose a sharp razor and change it every two to three weeks to get a clean shave without nicking your skin. 

Gillette Venus and DorcoSoftTouch from LetsShave are the two brands that are quite popular in this category.

Hair removal lotion

While choosing your lotion or cream, you should pay attention to your skin’s sensitivities and allergies. Look for products specially made for sensitive skin if you are prone to allergies and infections. It is best to check with your doctor beforehand. Also, remember that a cream or lotion that is meant to be used on one part of your body should not be applied elsewhere. Hair may be coarser in some areas than in others and the lotion/ cream is specifically designed keeping that in mind.

Fem is one of the most well-known brands in this niche. In recent times, Veet has come up with its own hair remover cream/lotion line.

So, choose your product with care, keeping in mind the specific area you wish to concentrate on, the type of hair and the skin type. By the end of it, you should be able to get smooth, flawless skin in no time at all!

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