Top beauty hits of New York Fashion Week

The highly coveted and buzzworthy New York Fashion Week has officially been wrapped up, leaving behind a trail of aspirational beauty and fashion trends. A treat for the eyes, this time around, makeup went the full spectrum from a natural nude look to pop worthy colours such as orange and bright blue. Here, we take a look at the top ten beauty hits… 

Natural makeup and supple skin

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A fresh and ‘just came out of the bath’ look, this is certainly worth emulating. It reflects skin that is well hydrated and has a dewy glow. 

How to attain this look:

Firstly, you need to detox from within and outside. And to fake it, apply a moisturising BB cream that lends the right amount of coverage as well as radiance. The rest of the skin can be kept simple with a highlighter on the top of your cheekbones, soft plum lips stain and subtle peach blush. Offset this with prominent brows. Use the brow powder with a brow brush to keep everything in place. Lastly, complete with gelled hair that is parted and left loose. 

The mildly bold brows and naturally flushed cheek with the barely-there blush is the best choice for the upcoming festive season. 

Eye makeup with red and orange hues


Many might hesitate to apply solid shades of red and orange for the fear that it might appear over the top. Take a cue from the above look that was spotted at the iconic show. While a twist from the regular way an eyeshadow is donned, it’s a great inspiration to sport this bold colour in the most subtle way for a special effect.

How to attain this look:

After following the basic rules of makeup on a clean face, shift the focus towards the ingenious eye makeup.

Remember, what matters the most here is the blending. On the upper eyelid is the red eyeshadow. The look indicates that this fiery hue has been slightly concentrated near the inner corner area of the eyes. Blend and pull it all along the eyelid with a lighter hand and brush off towards the temple area.

Apply orange eyeshadow on the lower eyelid very close to the lower lash line. Keep the rest of the makeup low key without any major colour. 

Parade this makeup on special occasions and be sure to grab eyeballs!  

Laidback hair, and natural-looking makeup with creamy eyeshadow


A happy skin look that appears to be attained with lots of hydration and moisturising makeup of course!

How to achieve it:

Start on a fresh skin and prep up with a makeup primer. This will allow the foundation and other products to stay for long. Follow it up with a moisturising foundation that provides complete coverage to the acne spots and age spots. Blend well for it to look natural. Post which, you can use a cream blush that is more in lines with your natural colour.

The lips here look fully soft, newly polished and naturally rosy. To achieve this, use a rosy-tinted lip balm. Lastly, opt for an eyeshadow that has a very mild lilac shade with a shiny texture. 

Bright orange lips with neutral face makeup 


A bright orange lip stain is ideal to pop out during any season.

How to achieve it:

The key to mastering it is keeping the rest of the makeup low key and bringing the focus to the lips.

Having a clean canvas further helps. You can opt for a full coverage foundation along with an appropriate under eye concealer. Use a creamy textured contouring product to highlight the facial features for a chiselled look.

Groom the eyebrow using brow pencil/powder and keep the eye makeup completely simple. All these will only accentuate the entire look.  You can go for a moist matte orange lipstick from the latest ranges of Lakme.

Blue eye makeup and shimmery pink blush


A one of its kinds that all makeup lovers would want to try this Navratri and Diwali. The stone studded head jewellery is the one that adds to the oomph factor!

How to achieve it:

While the makeup looks pretty simple, there is work involved. Begin with a properly cleansed and polished skin. Follow with a moisturising cream and your daily wear foundation. The shimmery glow on the skin can be achieved by mixing a tiny amount of makeup shimmers to the foundation. It will create magic on the skin.

Use a highlighter to highlight the chin, nose-bridge, cheekbones and forehead too. Follow with a rosy pink shimmery blush that blends well along with the highlighting product.

For the eyes, powder blue with shimmer texture can be the nearest choice. For a slightly varied look, use a brighter blue on the upper lid, and a dull sky blue on the lower lash line. Spread and blend well so that eye makeup looks in sync with the rest of the makeup. Apply kohl on waterline, eyeliner or upper lash line and finish with few coats of mascara.

Darker lip liner for the lips


This season’s NYFW was full of natural-looking face makeup, barely-there blush – yet the rosy looking flushed cheeks and eye makeup with simple eyeshadows.

An interesting addition was how the designers revived the 90’s makeup trend of applying lip liners. But this time, the typical brown lip liner has been swapped with various other hues. Also, the lipliner was significantly darker than the rest of the lip colour.

How to achieve it:

Pick a lip liner shade of your lipstick from Lakme. Work on well moisturised and well-exfoliated lips for a long staying effect. 

White kajal and red matte lipstick


Truth be told, a red pout is the best choice for any and every occasion. When in doubt, go for this fiery hue and keep the rest of the makeup as minimal as possible. 

How to achieve this look:

You can use a white kajal pencil on the waterline. Else, pick the colour of your choice from Lakme’s Eyeconic range. 

As for the lips, a makeup enthusiast knows the bane of getting a matte lipstick that looks soft on lips yet feels moisturising. Lakme’s Absolute Sculpt Hi-Definition Matte Lipstick in red colour is apt for the occasion. This ravishing look also indicates the use of red lip liner for sculpting and defining the lips. 

Lemon yellow winged eyeliner


If you are looking for something unique then you have landed at the right place. The best part is that it will go perfectly well and add a touch of fancy to the festive makeup that will be teamed with ethnic attires. 

How to achieve this look:

The look is perfectly punctuated with glossy peachy pink lips and naturally rosy cheeks that display subtle blush hints.

For the eye makeup, apply lemon yellowish-green eyeliner with a long precise wing/tail that directs towards the end of the eyebrow bone. Follow with black eyeliner by applying it very close to the lash line and cutting it short right where the eye ends.

Bold graphic like black eyeliner with mid partitioned sleek hair


Bold looks have always been a hot topic. And when these are certified by the runaway, it certainly becomes a trend worth emulating.  

How to achieve this look:

Here the model is sporting a sleek mid partitioned hair and bold eyeliner look. The key is to draw perfectly shaped winged eyeliner with the required thickness. We suggest that you practise this a couple of times beforehand to master the art.  

The rest of the makeup needs to be offset by keeping things simple. Add a subtle swipe of tint on the cheeks and moisturising balm on the lips to make them look healthy and fuller.

Smudged winged bold eyeliner


While applying think bold black eyeliner is sure to amp up your makeup, you can also go for a smudged eyeliner to jazz things up.

How to achieve this look:

To get the effect, use a kohl pencil to line the desired shape. Then take an eye brush and smudge in the similar line of kohl pencil. Starting from the inner corner of the eyes and follow it in an upward motion towards the brow bone.

Further, the clear skin with well highlighted and contoured features brings focus to the eye makeup. Just like here, it is best to keep the lips natural. 

Have you picked up your favourite beauty look from the above list? Which one are you trying this up-coming festive season?

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