Your guide to different kinds of concealers 

When it comes to one’s makeup routine, a concealer is a given. As a matter of fact, there are many you would use just this product to camouflage the concerned area and skip the foundation altogether for a more natural appeal. Depending upon your skin type and the look you want to achieve, you can zero in on the selection.

Here we give you a simple guide on the different kinds of concealers to make the process easier… 

Different formulations 

In terms of formulations, there are broadly four types of concealers – cream, liquid, stick and balm. 

Liquid concealer

Lighter in formulation and offering a dewy skin effect, liquid concealers can be easily blended into the skin. They do not crease into fine lines like a stick concealer and provide a more brightening effect. For this very reason, the makeup product works well with the under-eye area.

Another advantage of this must-have is that you can increase or decrease its intensity depending upon the look that you are going after. Further, it has hydrating properties that works well with dry skin.

The downside is that these do not cover complete coverage of acne or acne scars. Also, they are more likely to get rubbed off compared to the other formulations.

How to apply: Dot it on the concerned area and blend with a beauty blender, applicator or a sponge. Set with loose powder and repeat the process if required. 

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Balm concealer

Balm concealers are much thicker in consistency compared to the liquid ones. The good news is that they will stay put on your face throughout the day, even if you are from the oily skin family. Also, there are so many that act as colour correctors. These can neutralise certain colours on your face like redness, acne scars, pigmentation, dullness, etc. For example, the green colour corrector is used for any kind of redness or blemishes on your face since it neutralises the red colour.

Whereas the orange colour corrector helps cancel out the darkness beneath your eyes and pigmentation on your skin.

Fret not if these concealers can be too intimidating, once you get used to them and know which colours to use when they can work wonders! This variant offers more coverage and is suited to normal to oily skin

How to apply: To start with, you can take a small amount on your makeup brush and pat it on your skin. Keep layering if you wish to then. You can also layer them since their texture is heavy. Follow this up with the foundation.

Cream concealer

Cream concealers, as the name suggests, are much thicker in texture and consistency. Suitable for normal to dry skin, they perfectly cover the undereye dark circles and redness on your face, without drying out your skin. These makeup aids often come in pots and provide ample hydration to your skin. Plus, they give the illusion of looking refreshed and bright (perfect for those with sleepless nights).

In case you have breakouts or acne-prone skin, make sure that you use a cream concealer that is non-comedogenic and oil-free.

How to apply: Since these can be easily spread and blended, you can apply them with a foundation brush, beauty blender or even with your hands if you are comfortable.

Stick concealer

Travel-friendly, stick concealers are a boon while on the go. The makeup aids are semi-solid in texture and offer a mattifying effect. For this reason, they work well with oily skin. Just carry them in your purse and use as a touch up whenever required. Being highly pigmented in nature, these are ideal to cover acne, blemishes, dark circles and similar.

What’s more, they can also double up as a highlighter when required. Just ensure that you blend well for a natural appearance.

How to apply: In case you have fine lines, it is advisable to pat a bit of moisturiser before the application. Make strokes on the required area and then blend with a brush.

You can opt for this full coverage stick concealer. 

Concealers are pure magic when you have the right ones and you must include one in your vanity according to your skin type and needs. Hope we helped you out in choosing the right concealer for you!

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