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Celebs reveal their favourite comfort foods

Don’t we all have that special comfort food that makes us feel as if we are wrapped around in a warm and cosy blanket! Eating is a sensory experience that often invokes nostalgic memories and shifts our state of mind. What’s fascinating is how each individual has a different association with the same food.

Here we have some of our celebs dish out their favourite comfort foods and reveal why it works for them.

Actor Ansh Bagri

My comfort food is bread omelette and dal rice. Though, it’s mostly bread omelette for it hardly takes two minutes to prepare and I don’t have to wait for it like the other dishes. Plus, it healthy and a great alternative to junk food.

I’ve loved eating this since childhood, just four eggs are enough to keep one full for a long time. Along with enjoying it myself, I like to cook an omelette for others too.

Television Actor Ankit Bathla


My favourite comfort food is peanut butter and bread because it’s really easy and takes like second to make.

I used to love Maggi at point of time, but, obviously, with going to the gym and with my new role, I don’t eat it anymore. So, I prefer peanut butter and brown bread. Peanut butter is a good source of fat and protein whereas brown bread provides the much-needed carbohydrates.

Film Actress Niharica Raizada

Rajma Chawal is my favourite food, I can eat it anytime and anywhere just because it reminds me of home, of Delhi, of all things which take me back to comfort and familiarity. The best rajma chawal is made by my aunt (my father’s youngest sister). I don’t know how she makes it, but it’s creamy, soft, very buttery and perfect for any girl who is missing home. Whenever I miss home, if you feed me one plate of rajma chawal, I will feel less homesick and aap muje apna banaloghey. Obviously, that has to be followed by rasmalai, then muje aapse pyaar ho jayga!

Television Actor Vijayendra Kumeria


Dark chocolates are my comfort food. Sometimes during shoots, one tends to feel mentally and physically drained. Dark chocolates uplift my mood and give me that instant energy as well. It also helps that they are not unhealthy. I always keep them with me in my meal basket.

Actor and Theatre Personality Shridhar Watsar

My comfort food is jowar ki roti with dal. I liked misal pav and vada pav in college days. I fondly remember how we used to enjoy vada pav and tea during drama rehearsals. Don’t know when those days will be back!

Television Actress Subuhi Joshi

My comfort food would be rajma chawal. It’s something I could eat thrice a day. Being a Delhiite, I’ve had a lot of this dish, every Sunday used to be a rajma-chawal day!

I remember once when I got back from school and my mother wasn’t home, I saw there was rajma soaked in a bowl maybe for the night and thought I’d surprise her by cooking. I tried making rajma and added everything in it, from ketchup to eggs. It smelled really weird, but me being a kid, I didn’t understand that it wasn’t edible at all. When my mom got back home, I surprised her with a bowl of it. My poor mother ate it all just to make me smile. Then finally when I had it, I couldn’t gulp down a bite.

I cried so much, just because I had wasted all the rajma, what to say, I was such a big fan. Then she cooked a fresh batch of it just to make me happy. It’s always my comfort food.

Hail to kidney beans!

Jasmin Bhasin

My favourite comfort food is butter chicken! When I was a kid and used to get upset, my parents would cheer me up by taking me out to eat butter chicken. Either that or my father would cook it at home. That’s why I am really attached to it.

Actor and Model Shashank Vyas

Comfort food is food that provides a nostalgic or sentimental value to someone. So, all my comfort food is associated with my mom. Whether it is rajma-chawal, aloo ka paratha or simple dal chawal, ma’s cooking style is the best. I even find the water she offers sweet. I don’t know what it is about food your mother makes for you, especially when it’s something that anyone can make – but it carries a certain taste of memory.

What’s your favourite comfort food? Share with us in the comment box below.

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  1. tanustidbits

    My mom’s cheese sandwiches with bakery bread and lits if butter. Also khichdi with ghee and dal chaval with pickle.

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