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Tips to bring a healthy twist to your chaat

It’s true, chaat is a better option when it comes to your other super-indulgent snacks. But if you feel that your love for the chatpata has got you in a bit of a fatty soup, then this one is for you. Some simple tricks and tips can bring in that extra dollop of health to your 4 pm buddy. Kejal Sheth, Nutritionist, Weight Management Expert & Founder of reveals the same…

Sev puri

Utterly delicious and scrumptious, these little flat discs are loaded with a pleasant clash of flavours and textures. If you are at your favourite chaat bhaiyya and are suddenly struck with the realisation of your weight loss goals, then Kejal has a trick for you. “Instead of the deep-fried puri, just ask him to put all the toppings on a tomato or cucumber slice. Also, tell him to put less of sev and more of raw mango.” In this manner, the taste is balanced with the khatta and meeta. While at home, another option would be to use khakhra (methi, multigrain or millet) instead of a puri as a base. So much healthier and nutritious!

Bhel Puri

More than just a street food, bhel puri is a reminder of the good old days when everything in your life seemed wonderful while lazing at Marine Drive and munching on the snack. Snapping back to reality, if you want to further the health quotient, Kejal suggests swapping the kurmura with makhana. You will still get that crunch but with added benefits. “It is high in fibre, very low in calories and has a good amount of protein content,” she reasons. Keep it as your base and add all the chaat masalas, chana, moong or sprouted moong, theeka chutney, meetha chutney, a little bit of amchoor powder, black salt, and chilli powder. Sounds savoury, doesn’t it?

Pani Puri

What feels like a tangy party in your mouth, pani puri or gol gappa as it is lovingly referred to is one of the most sought after chaats of the country. The good news is that there is a less calorie version of this too. “There are many options available today. You can either go for a sooji puri which is easy to make or a baked puri,” suggests Kejal. If you cannot do without the aloo, add extra sprouts to make it more nutritious. And for those who want to go an even step further, the expert suggests cutting cucumbers into two inches, spooning the flesh and replacing it with the water you use for this chaat. The super spicy liquid along with the slight crunch of the cucumber shell will have you drooling in no time!  

Ragda Pattice 

There are some parts of a chat that are inherently a good option. White peas of the ragda pattice, for instance, is packed with protein and other nutrients. To up the level of health, you can make the patty out of oats and raw banana as per Kejal. The latter is low on sugar content and a good source of vitamin B6 and vitamin C. Make your tikki out of raw banana, moong, oats and season it with garam masala, ginger and the likes. Bake or shallow fry it. Generously drizzle the ragda mixture on it with your chutneys and homemade dahi or Greek yoghurt. Relish in this mouth-watering dish!

So, whenever the mood calls for something savoury yet healthy, you can look into these options!

Kejal Sheth, Founder and Managing Director of Nutrivity is a NEP Certified Entrepreneur, Nutritionist, Weight-loss and Online Consultancy Expert. She is a Certified Diabetes Educator with a degree in Weight Management Consultancy and has specialised in Sport Nutrition and Online Consultation. Kejal is recognised for her research work in incorporating taste and health with customised nutrition plans.


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  1. Shubham Tiwari

    Very useful information thank you for sharing this.

  2. I tried bhel with makana. It was delicious. Thanks. Kejal

  3. d k singhal

    all suggestion are good to convert only tasty receipe into healthy one

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