How to look super glam this party season

Winter party season is in full throttle right now. Be it New Year, holiday tours, weddings or even cosy get-togethers, we can’t have enough in our stash to celebrate. If there is one thing common in all of these celebrations, it is the glam factor. Here, we throw light on different ways to up the quotient when it comes to beauty and makeup…

Regularity in skincare

To begin with, it is all about the base! A glowing skin speaks volumes and is the ideal canvas to build on. And while following a skincare routine is a must no matter what the season, this time around you will require to take that special care due to the harsh weathers. So, we suggest understanding your skin type and go for the cleansing, toning and moisturising routine accordingly. For more details click here. Sheet masks are a great aid too to give you that instant complexion boost and radiance.

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Healthy hair care routine

Throughout the party season, the frequency of heat styling and environmental damages will be higher than normal. For this very reason, you need to amp up your hair care regimen to prevent dryness, excess hair fall and dullness. Little things like using a chemical-free shampoo and nourishing conditioner will help. Also, oil your hair regularly for tangle-free and shiny effect that is necessary to attain that glam look. And lastly, remember to always use a proper heat protectant before hairstyling.

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Prepping the skin before makeup

Party makeup needs to last for long to survive through the evening of activities like dancing. Prepping the skin helps to retain the glow through it all. For the same, consider putting on a suitable sheet mask. It will supply hydration as well as increase the elasticity and plumpness of the skin. As for the makeup process, do not forget applying a primer before moving to the base makeup. Depending on your requirement, go for a silicone-based clear primer if you have large pores and oily skin. Cream or lotion-based ones work best for dry skin.

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Proper blending

Take your time to blend the makeup as you move from one product to another. For example, while doing the base, blend until there is nothing more. Keep a clean sponge or beauty blender for the in-between steps. When it comes to eyeshadows, a clean blending brush is a must for gradient eyes or cut-crease looks. This is the ideal way to achieve skin-like finish, which is required when you are going for a high coverage makeup.

Dewy base and yoga skin

If you want to look super glam then dewy skin is a must-try makeup technique. This trick helps to provide a natural all-over glow to your face. To achieve the same, add 1-2 drops of liquid highlighter to your foundation and blend it into the skin nicely. Then take a satin finish lipstick and apply it as blush. Lastly, set everything with a dewy setting spray for that lasting finish. You can also opt for yoga skin where you need a sheer foundation, regular moisturiser and 4-5 drops of liquid highlighter. Mix everything and apply with fingers. You can also use blending sponges.

Clever use of highlighter and contour

Nobody has flawless skin but anyone can imitate the diva glow and chiselled facial features with clever use of facial and body sculpting techniques. Parties are often organized in dimly lit ambience and properly highlighted and contoured face helps get that glam appearance. Apply a cool-toned contour cream to the places that do not catch the light like below the cheekbone, sides of the forehead, under the collarbone and blend it nicely. Emphasise the high points of the face with a highlighting cream at first and then top it off with a powdered one. For a full-glam look, buy a good quality finely milled powder highlighter that matches your skin tone.

Glam eye looks

No makeup is complete without emphasis on the eyes for that overall look. For the same, invest in some good quality makeup items and learn makeup looks that suit your personality and attire. Begin with a simple wash of colour, gradient eyes, smokey eye and gradually move to advanced ones like cut-crease, glitter cut-crease etc. There are millions of free tutorials available online. With a little practice, you can literally grab eyeballs.

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Glitter nails

Winter party season calls for sparkly nails. You can opt for a nice manicure where nail glitter powders are glued to original nails or acrylic nails. Another option is to go for colourful glitter top coats on your own. Do check out bedazzling paints from Maybelline, Sugar, Lakme, OPI, Sally Hansen and L’Oreal.

Don’t forget the rest of the body

The glam on party makeup is not just about the face; it involves your overall look. People generally apply makeup on the face and forget about the rest of the body. This does bring down your glitz quotient. So, take your regular body moisturiser and mix a few drops of foundation and highlighter to it. Apply this to every exposed part of your body. It will give a subtle sheen all over and you will instantly switch to party-ready mode!

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Doing makeup is a matter of hours but removing them is a matter of minutes. Still, we often get lazy and sleep with makeup on. This will lead to the clogging of the pores. Further, debris from the makeup will increase the chances of bacterial inflammation and ultimately turn into bad breakouts. To prevent this, use baby oil or any natural oil, cleansing cream or balm to melt the makeup. Do this step as soon as you come home after partying. Finally, give your skin a face wash rinse and continue with moisturising to keep your skin healthy and glowing throughout the party season.

Wishing you a fun and glamorous party season!

-Article by Shalini Srivastava  

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