Makeup trends for 2020

As we bid adieu to yet another year with nostalgia and tears, we look forward to what the new era is going to usher in. And if you are wondering what is going to reign the beauty world when it comes to trends, you have come at just the right place. We dug deep and spoke to experts of the industry to bring you the inside scoop…

Floating Eyeliners

Move over cat eyeliner, 2020 is going to be all about the floating eyeliner! Sported by none other than makeup queen Kylie Jenner, this look embraces a graphic and bold line that is dragged along the crease of the eyes.  

Expert tip:

Jai Singhania, Director, Marco Aldany India and Sargam Dhawan, Director, Paul Penders give some tips on how to ace this trend. As per them, it is best to opt for an eyeshadow in a similar colour so that it blends seamlessly and does not mess with the floating crease’s crispness.

Go colours!

It’s time to get artistic with the eyes and unleash your creativity. “There is a certain boldness in terms of the colour theme, whether you are using autumn hues like rust and burgundy or opting for pastels and neons,” says Chandni Singh Makeup Expert and Entrepreneur.

Expert tip:

“I would suggest not making it all over the place, apply a primer followed by an eyeshadow and just merge it with a brush. I prefer keeping with the softer edges with my eyeliner. Lastly, do not forget to wear double mascara and fill in the brows,” suggests Chandni.

Glossy skin

A look that was seen all over the fashion shows was luminous skin. This is going to be carried on to the new year as well. “One of the biggest trends in 2020 is going to be glossy skin,” shares Makeup Expert Aakriti Kochar. Jai Singhania, Director, Marco Aldany India and Sargam Dhawan, Director, Paul Penders back this too saying that it’s all about that dewy magic.

Expert tip:

Makeup Expert Aakriti Kochar suggests opting for a dewy foundation and less powder to set the base right. “To nail the look, use a creamy blush, cream highlighter and lip tints that will add to the glossiness. Finish off with a soft creamy eyeshadow that is close to your skin colour along with a soft smudged brown pencil liner and volumising mascara,” she adds. As per Jai and Sargam, makeup will never look fresh if the skin isn’t. Regular exfoliation with citrus fruit acid can help achieve the same.


Remember those uber chiselled features that we saw on our favourite celebs in 2019? Well, that is on its way out. Chandni shares, “This time around it is more about bronzing which can be applied like a blusher on the forehead and cheekbones.”

Expert tip:

“For that natural look, opt for a colour that is just one or two tones darker than your skin tone. The brush really matters too, so use a blusher blush so that you do not end up overdoing it,” shares Chandni.

All about the brows

The brow took centerstage in 2019 and looks that it is still going to play an important role in makeup. As per Aakriti, they are going to be more structured rather than unkempt. “Fill in using a brown pencil or shadow instead of a really dark one and draw strokes with the same. This will make it look natural filling instead of tattooed,” she shares. 

Expert tips:

To add to the structured look, Aakriti suggests using a clear wax or mascara on a mascara wand. And if you are a fan of feathered eyebrows, Chandni has an interesting tip. “For me, the feathered eyebrow is all about spreading it out really well. Invest in a transparent mascara and brush it out. You can also take your mascara spooly and get the soap (only Pears will do the trick here) on it. Apply the same on your eyebrow and feather it.”

Eighties lips are back!

What goes around, comes around, in this case with makeup as well. “As far as the lips are concerned, you are going to get a lot of inspiration from the 80s. If you remember during that time, everything was really bright and creamy. You can expect pop of pink, bright coral peach, orange-red and the likes,” says Chandni who shares some interesting makeup insights on her Instagram handle @chandnisinghstudio.

Expert tip:

As per the makeup artist, if you are going for something bold on the lips, you can skip the eyeshadow altogether and load on the mascara as well as emphasise the brows instead.

In a nutshell, when it comes to the 2020s, play around with a burst of vibrant hues wisely, focus on the brows and strive to attain that super glossy skin! And most importantly, do stick to what resonates the most with your personality! 

Article by – Prajna Rao 

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