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Hollywood’s award season is like a beauty yearbook where each ceremony comes with its trends. After the formal glory of Oscars, semi-formal dramatic appearances of SAG, we have the world’s biggest music celebration, the Grammys. This year the event was full of timeless beauty artworks such as classic winged liners, pin curls, voluminous ponies but there were certain mischievous surprises like Billy Porter’s blue eyes or Nikita Dragun’s face painting. Here we are sharing the top 5 trends from Grammys 2020 that can feed you with some solid inspirations for your next party!

Winged Liner and Dramatic Falsies- Ariana Grande

The princess of Grammys this time around was none other than Ariana Grande. While the change in her ponytail certainly grabbed eyeballs, it was her flawless classic cat eye that took centrestage. This was paired with nude glossy lips and fanned falsies that completed the look.

Steps to recreate this look:

  • Start by spot concealing pigmentation patches and any other issues you wish to hide.
  • Fill the brows.
  • Prime eyelids with a concealer or eye primer and set it with powder.
  • Tightline the upper and lower waterline with a kohl or gel liner.
  • Now take a matte pink-mauve eye shadow. With a fluffy blending brush, blend the brown eyeshadow to the crease. Apply a subtle rosy pink eyeshadow with satin finish on the lids.
  • Draw a dramatic cat liner. Be precise as this is the main attraction of this look.
  • Do a sheer layer of foundation or bb cream. Try to keep the finish as natural as possible.
  • Contour with light hands to the hollows of the cheeks, forehead and other places.
  • Highlight the high points.
  • Take an earthy mauve blush and apply to the apple of your cheeks.
  • Blend the contour and highlight so that the finish becomes seamless.
  • Apply mascara and a cool-toned brown matte lipstick. Top the lips with clear gloss and blend for a full pout look.
  • Finish the look with a pair of dramatic false lashes.

Charcoal Eyes- Camila Cabello

Camila Cabello nailed the black dress glory with her ‘Black Swan’ inspired Versace dress. Makeup artist Patrick Ta did a great job in creating the charcoal eyes and bronzed makeup.

Steps to recreate this look:

  • Cleanse the skin; moisturise the face and neck. Apply face primer.
  • Use a corrector under eyes and any pigmentation you wish to hide.
  • Apply a foundation that matches your skin tone. Mix a little face and body illuminator with it for an all-over glow.
  • Set with a fixing spray.
  • Do the brows first
  • Tightline both upper and lower waterline with a matte black eye kohl. Camilla used a gel liner here.
  • For the eyes, prime the eyelids and define the crease with a bronzer and do a thin line on the upper lid with the same kohl. Take a matte black eye shadow in a dense flat or pencil brush and smudge the outer 1/3rd of the line for an elongated eye look with smudged wings. Smudge the lower lashline in the same way.
  • Bronze and highlight the face for a sculpted look. Apply a satin finish dusty rose blush and a pale pink gloss.
  • Finish the look with false lashes.

Monochrome Forever- Lizzo

Monochrome makeup has been topping the chart throughout the award season in Hollywood and Bollywood. Keeping up with this trend, Lizzo did a jaw-dropping fresh monochrome makeup in Grammys 2020. According to her makeup artist Alexx Mayo, the secret behind the starโ€™s smooth makeup look is her great skincare habits.

Steps to recreate this look:

  • Cleanse the skin; moisturise the face and neck. Apply face primer.
  • Use a corrector under eyes and any pigmentation you want to hide.
  • Apply a foundation that matches your skin tone. Try to create a flawless base because clear and glowing skin is the central attraction for this look.
  • Now, comb your brows and fill them with a brown or grey brow powder or cream only if you have scanty brows. Otherwise, comb and set with a clear brow gel for a finished look. Lastly, brush the brows upwards for a fanned-up look.
  • Apply a brown matte eye shadow with a fluffy brush for a soft wash of colour. Apply the same shadows on the bottom lid with a pencil brush.
  • Take a light shimmery pearl eye shadow and apply to the inner 2/3 part of the lid. Fill the outer 1/3 part with a matte black or blue-black. The outer V shade should be the deepest one. Now blend all the colours seamlessly. Merge the same shades in the lower lid as well.
  • Apply 2 coats of mascara to finish the eye look and then apply the false lashes.
  • Go for an earthy peach-toned blush and contour the face lightly for a chiselled look. Apply a pearl toned shimmer highlighter on the high points including cheekbone brow bone forehead, bridge of the nose etc.
  • Opt for earthy mauve-brown lip colour and top it up with clear gloss to finish the look.

Blue Smudged Smokey Eye look- Jojo

Blue is the colour of the year for 2020 and it seems like makeup world has gone gaga over it in eye makeup looks. In Grammys 2020 alone we saw at least three different kinds of blue eye look; Billy Porters artistic electric blue eyes, Jojo’s steel-blue smokey looks and Dua Lipa’s sparkly blue look. Among these three our vote goes to Jojo’s eyes as this one is far more practical and wearable in real life than the rest two.

Steps to recreate this look:

  • Cleanse the skin; moisturise the face and neck. Apply face primer.
  • Start by applying a foundation that matches your skin tone exactly. Do a sheer layer and add in more if needed.
  • Conceal the under eyes and any pigmentation you wish to hide.
  • Now set everything with a powder foundation or translucent powder. You can also use a bit of setting spray to melt the excess powder.
  • Fill the brows and set with a brow gel. The finish should be natural. Prep the lids and define the crease with a cool-toned brown or taupe eye shadow.
  • Apply a steel-blue kohl or gel liner on upper lid in a thin line and smudge it with an angular brush or smudger to get blended out smokey winged look to the lids. Tightline both upper and lower waterline with a grey-black kohl. Smudge the lower lashline with a smudger brush.
  • Now apply mascara and a flesh-toned blush. Add falsies if you like. Do a little powder contouring to chisel out the face shape and highlight with a neutral tone powder highlighter or strobe cream.
  • Finish it off with a matte mauve or brown nude lipstick.

Contouring is Back- Nikita Dragun

This was the first Grammy for popstar Nikita and she managed to turn all heads with her timeless contour job. Makeup artist Steven Tabimba came up with this iconic crystal stud look with perfect contouring in just three days!

Steps to recreate this look:

  • On a cleansed and moisturised skin, first, apply cream contour below the cheekbone, sides of forehead, jawline and neck. Apply highlighter on cheeks, forehead, nose and chin. Blend them with a damp beauty blender.
  • Now apply foundation in a sheer layer.
  • Set this foundation with powder contour and shimmer highlighter.
  • Prime eyelids with concealer and set with powder. Define the crease with the same powder contour used before and opt for a matte brown or taupe eye shadow to get a flush of colour on the lids.
  • Tightline both the upper and lower lids with matte black kohl. Draw a dramatic winged liner with jet black liner and draw a thin rim of pearly white liquid liner on the upper lid.
  • Finish the look with a nude lip colour, semi-matte finish and a pair of false lashes after 2-3 coats of mascara.
  • If you want the same artistic effects as Nikita then place the stud stones at this point. Otherwise, finish off with fixing spray.

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