Hairstyles that are trending on Social Media

We are girls! We can’t be faulted for being painfully particular about our hairstyles. We get our hairstyle inspirations from celebrity looks and of course the fast fashion currently winning the mob on various social media platforms. We often find ourselves drooling over certain style guru’s amazing hairdo or a celebrity’s current haircut. Here we share some extremely do-able hairstyles that are currently trending on social media.

Accessorized Messy Bun

Photo credit: Sydney hairstylist

Messy buns are the best hairstyles not only with cocktail dresses but also with fusion and traditional dresses. These hairstyles are perfect for medium to long hair. You might even try these on shoulder-length hair. Though awfully chic, these messy buns are quick and very simple to do. They are not partial to anyone hair type; be it curly or straight, they still look fabulous. Don’t forget to use gold or silver stud accessories for extra oomph!

How to do:

Comb the hair and separate the bangs with a clip. Make a ponytail with the rest of the hair. You don’t have to be neat with the ponytail. You can also do a one-sided ponytail to get a one-sided bun. Now do a quick wrap-around bun or chignon bun with the ponytail hair. Secure it with bobby pins. Now, comb the bangs and make a messy side-parting or no-parting. Wrap the loose ends of the bangs around the bun in the back and pin them with more bobby pins.

Colourful Highlights

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Photo credit: Celeb luxury

Colourful highlights are all over the web these days. Not only the Instagram gurus but many hair enthusiasts are trying their hands on the new trend of unicorn highlights. Reds, greens, blues even the unicorn shades like silvery pink or blue look quite cool if you have the heart to carry it gracefully. Coloured highlights are either semi-permanent or washable. If you are a newbie or haven’t found the perfect highlight colour for yourself then you can always try the shampoo or spray-based washable highlights. Semi-permanent coloured highlights last for 4-5 weeks without fading so you have the convenience of trying something else out in a short while.

Floral Updo

Photo credit: Professional hairstylist

Floral updos are best on party looks or with bridal makeup. Open hair with flower-patterned curls is an extremely popular reception look for winter weddings. These updos give a beautiful flowy hairstyle that adds verve to the entire makeup and attire. This look needs advanced skill with curling wands to come out flawlessly so if you desire this look for your big day then you ought to find a good hair artist who specializes in messy curled hairdos.

Mermaid Braid

Photo credit: aniez

This is a special type of boxer braid. This braid-based hairdo has been extremely popularized by social media. This could be your favourite festive look, but nobody will complain even if you flaunt it at your workplace or for a girls’ night out. This is a hairdo that needs securing with ties or elastics; it prevents hair breakage. If you are growing out your hair, this style will be your saviour.

How to do:

Roughly divide your hair into two sections. Take each section and do three-stranded French braid in reverse. Start at the hairline, progress through the head and finish at the ends. Do this on the other section as well. Tie both the braids together and puff up the braids for a messy look.


Photo credit: Luxury haircare

Balayage is a special kind of highlighting where the rough sections of hair are highlighted in a manner that no obvious root can be visible. This French hairstyling technique gives a more natural look than traditional highlighting. That is the reason behind the immense popularity of this hairstyle. In balayage, the base colour is dark and the highlight colour is just 3-4 shades lighter than the base. It gives a more natural and fuller look if the base colour is kept as natural as possible.

Fishtail Mohawk

Photo credit: Hair tutorials

Latin American mohawk hairstyles have now become universal due to its increasing popularity on social media. Traditional mohawk braids are generally done on the crown of the head but this fusion hairstyle uses three or five braids of mohawk style. This is a perfect day to day look that you can carry to your gym as well!

How to do:

Make a neat ear to ear parting at the back of the head. Leave the hair at the back and make five sections from the rest of the hair. Make fishtail braids out of each section. Finish at halfway through the back hair and tie each braid separately.

Just pick any of these oh-so-simple hairdos and notice how it transforms your mood as well as your oomph!

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