How to Nail the Slick Back Look

As far as hairstyles for men go, nothing is as classic and timeless as the slick back look. Remember Marlon Brando in The Godfather? The guy had minimal hair, peppered with a few greys amongst the blonde and yet, even today, salons for men carry at least one photo for Don Vito Corleone on their walls. His suave demeanour, complete with slicked back hair on the sides and top is still coveted looks. You see, nothing says that you are a man of your word as your perfectly slicked back hair.

Over the years, the slick back look has evolved though. While some men do prefer to go clean slick back, there are some who prefer, let’s say, the modern Draco Malfoy look. It’s a devilishly charming yet a cool casual style. The slick back look and its varieties can work in both professional as well as casual settings. It goes well with a three-piece suit, a tuxedo, a pair of jeans and a casual shirt, and even just on trunks at the beach.

Before we tell you how to get the slick back look, here are some pointers to keep in mind before you try the look.

1) Slick back look is best achieved on towel-dried hair. Hair shouldn’t be completely dry or dripping wet, both of which can ruin it.

2) Always wash off the previous day’s product before trying this look. A build-up of product can not only cause damage to the hair, it may kill the look altogether.

3) If you don’t wish to shampoo every day, it is best to at least rinse with a conditioner before trying this look. The conditioner will hydrate your hair, making it soft and fresh and give the style the freedom to settle in.

4) It is good to use some product in your hair to settle it. However, you should always be mindful of how much of the product you put in your hair. Too much of it can lead to clogging and dusting.

5) Using a wide tooth comb is always best to avoid hair breakage and damage.

6) If you have any kind of parting, it is always best to stick to it while combing. Changing the parting or going against natural hair parting can look like a comb over and you will find your hair fighting its way back to its natural state.

7) Finally, slick back look is a classic that works for almost all kind of faces. Having said that, one must keep in mind one’s hair texture, density and natural growing pattern before trying it. You must invest time in ‘training’ your hair to settle in a certain way before trying to get this look.

How to get the slick back look

1) Combing

While creating the slick back look, you must comb from ends rather than from the roots. As the hair is still somewhat wet, you might end up yanking your hair and causing breakage, if you comb from the roots. So, it’s best to settle the hair by combing the ends and then go on to work on the roots. It will tug less and chances of pulling out your hair is also less.

2) Rest

Getting the slick back requires effort and time. Once you have combed your hair, it is time to let it rest and settle. Go about your other routines while your hair settles in and prepares itself for the next step.

3) Hold and Shine

There are two basic qualities of a slick back look. Its Hold and Shine. The products that you use to get this look should work to achieve these two qualities. It should hold the slicked hair in place and give the hair a good glossy shine. So, it is extremely significant that you select products which will work on your hair to achieve these two important pointers of the slick back look.

4) Pat the product

In many hairstyles, you rub the product in the scalp and hair and then style your hair. However, to achieve the slick back look, you need to pat the product on the hair. Do not massage it in. Simply pat and swipe over your hair ends. Let the product settle and work its science for 20 seconds

5) Spread the product

Don’t massage the product in. Just run your fingers through your hair in a way that the product is distributed evenly all through the hair. Comb through using the wide tooth comb to let the product settle in well.

6) Comb Back

Comb everything straight back into place. Follow the natural part and see how your hair wants to settle. Don’t force it, just comb back nice and easy.

7) Don’t touch it

Don’t touch your slick back hair. Once the hair is in place, the more you touch it, the worse it will get. Hands become oily with time and touching your hair will take away its slickness and shine. Refrain from touching your hair till it’s time to wash off the product.

8) Hairspray

Additionally, if you wish, you can use some hairspray to finish off your look and add some control over the style.

There are various products that can be used to style your hair into the slick back look. These products are designed to suit various types of hair and to get the different versions of the look. One can try to see what works best for them.

USTRAA Hair Wax – Matte Look

The USTRAA hair wax gives you a matte look, holding your slick back hair in place and in control. It is also enriched with lavender oil to provide nourishment to your hair and scalp, leaving your hair in the exact style you put it in.


ustraa hair cream

USTRAA Hair Cream For Men – Daily Use

This hair cream is great if you like to style your hair every day. It has the right nourishment that doesn’t give your slicked back hairstyle an oily look. It makes it look healthy, nourished and hydrated while leaving the slick back style completely intact.

Gatsby Set & Keep Hair Spray – Ultra Hard

If you plan to spend the whole day with your slick back hairstyle, you need something like Gatsby Set and Keep hair spray to hold your look in place. Enriched with a special setting powder, this spray is designed to hold your style in place, without leaving any residue. It gives a glossy shine to your hair and also helps protect it from harmful UV rays of the sun. With a fresh citrusy scent, this spray is your best friend to hold your style in place.

The Man Company Strong Hold Hair Styling Wax For Ultra Shine – Sportivo

When you do a classic hairstyle like the slick back, it is important not to lose the hair’s shine in the process. It will not only just ruin the look, but make the hair look damaged. This is where The Man Company’s Ultra Shine wax has your back. This ultimate styling pomade has a pliable high shine finish that will give your hair the ultra-slick look. With Pro-Vitamin B5 and water-soluble essence, the product nourishes your hair as it works, without making your hair greasy or sticky.

Man Arden Hair Spray – Strong Hold, Argan Oil & Bhringraj

For men who are looking for natural organic products, Man Arden Hair spray is your best bet. Enriched with natural argan oil and bhringraj, this hairspray works its science without causing any damage to the hair. Its special formulation provides support to your slick back hairstyle, while nourishing your hair. Its water-soluble ingredients make it easy to wash off, leaving hair fresh and soft.

Man Arden Hair Fiber Wax – Strong Hold With Gloss Finish

A slick back hairstyle doesn’t look complete without the ultimate glossy shine. Man Arden’s hair fibre wax is a super product that infuses your hair with shine and leaves it with a glossy flamboyant look. It is enriched with beeswax which is an essential ingredient in holding your hairstyle in place, without compromising on its shine or nourishment.

This summer get the best of the classic slick back hairstyle with these tips and products.

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