How best to enjoy a Mani-Pedi at home?

While you take the slightest skin problem too seriously, your overworked feet and hands get completely ignored most of the time. Though hands and feet have coarser skin than the rest of the body, they do not have any oil glands to keep the moisture barrier intact. These are the common reasons why our hands and feet start sagging and age quite easily. Manicure and pedicure treatments exfoliate the roughened-up hands and feet and feed them with adequate moisture. That’s why you need to do get these treatments at regular intervals. We all adore the salon mani-pedi sessions but not everyone can spear that much time from their busy schedule to wait in the queues of spas. But you can easily cut back on your monthly salon mani-pedi expense if you follow these simple tricks at home. We promise, the result will be identical to those costly spa mani-pedi sessions!

Gather Up Your Tools

If you want to get the exact same result of a profession mani-pedi session, you need some basic tools ready at hand. As a beginner, you will need a large nail clipper for toenails and a small one for fingernails, a nail file, nail cleaner, cuticle trimmer and a basic tweezer. When you get the hang of it you can invest in some more tools like a cuticle scissor and nail ridge smoother. Make sure to buy good quality tools because substandard tools get wasted easily and they don’t even make the cut.

We recommend Kaiv Manicure Set. Kaiv offers two different sets: one for beginners and the other one for more advanced or professional users. Here every required item is pre-sorted for you; no need to waste your time and resources in picking and choosing!

Relaxing Salt-bath for Soft Hand & Feet

Our hand and feet have to do the most strenuous tasks. Naturally, the muscle stress to them is high as you work out, do household chores or even write for long hours. Destressing hands and feet are the first and foremost job of an effective mani-pedi. Mineral-rich salts are a great choice for this. Prepare your custom salt bath with a bucket of warm water and a cup of Epsom salt. You can also use Himalayan Pink salt instead. If your hands and feet look grubby, then you can add a spoonful of your favourite handwash or hair wash. Dip the hands and feet in this salt bath for 8-10 minutes and enjoy the unwinding experience.

Exfoliate & Massage in the Correct Way

Soaking makes rough and dead skin layer of hand and feet softer. This is the best time to scrub them off to reveal fresh and lively skin. Use firm strokes to exfoliate. Do not rub harshly or it may damage the new layer of the skin. Homemade sugar or coffee scrub work great in this step. The next step is to massage the hands and feet to deeply nourish them. You can use coconut oil, almond oil and olive oil mixture. Plain ghee or milk cream also works wonders. While massaging put gentle yet firm movements on the pressure points.

If you don’t want to experiment on homemade scrubs or massage creams, try the VLCC Pedicure-Manicure Hand & Foot Kit. This ready to use mani-pedi kit contains practically everything you need for a salon mani-pedi session. It contains antiseptic cleanser-soak, a scrub, a massage cream, a tan-clearing pack and even a cuticle nourishing oil. Do check out this wonder kit; you will be amazed!

Turmeric Detan Pack

If your hands and feet have a bad suntan, turmeric based homemade packs work wonders. Take 3 tablespoons of gram flour or besan, 2 pinches of turmeric and 2 tablespoon tomato juice. Mix them well and add cold milk to it to get the desired consistency. Now apply this pack for 10-15 minutes. Wash off and enjoy glowing hands and feet. If you can’t get a mani-pedi frequently, use this pack 2-3 times a week. It will keep the hands and feet rejuvenated.

Overnight Softening Therapy

Those who must expose their hands and feet in harsh environment or detergents often end up with extremely scaly hands and feet. Some even have cracked hands or feet during winters. Normal soaks are not enough for them. Try overnight deep moisture treatment 1-2 times a week and enjoy crack-free soft hands and feet. For this therapy, dip them in a salt bath for 2-3 minutes and then slather a thick shea-based foot cream on damp skin. Wear gloves and socks immediately and keep those on overnight. In the morning they will feel feathery soft.

Finish Your Mani-Pedi with a Chip-Resistant Nail Paint

The perfect finish is the key to professional-looking manicure and pedicure. For this, you need a good quality long-stay nail paint which you can use to create statement nails or basic nail arts. Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure is the one-stop solution for all your nail worries as it works as both base coat and topcoat, provides gel finish and keeps your nails strong and healthy. Available in 9 attractive shades, this quick-dry nail paint boosts the nail growth and protects the colour up to 10 days.

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