Top 5 Hairstyles that can be Adorned with Flowers

Flowers are the best hair accessories you can get in the entire world. Nothing gives your delicate hairstyles a classy touch like properly arranged flowers. That is perhaps the reason why other hair accessories come and go on the trend charts while the floral hair arrangement styles stay forever. Look at any culture and you will certainly find their own way to adorn the signature hairstyles with some kind of flower accessory. In India, the age-old tradition of floral hair arrangements at various wedding rituals like Haldi and Sangeet still lives on. The beauty of floral hairstyles lies in their sheer simplicity. You can easily come up with your own floral hair-do with minimal accessories. Here we have compiled 5 super-easy ethereal hairstyles that can be adorned with flowers.

Spring Inspired Messy Mermaid Chignon

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Mermaid braids and chignon bun are two very common hairstyles that people have been sporting for decades. But the interesting thing here is, you can easily combine those two to get your signature messy bun that people will adore to bits. And you know what? It looks super elegant and professional. You won’t even need anyone’s help but can do it on your own without any heating tools!


Unevenly part the hair into two sections and do a messy mermaid braid. Tease the hair to fluff the braids and tie them in an impromptu chignon. That’s it! Now, accessorize it with spring foliage for a fresh look.

Nymph Crown Hair-do with Baby’s Breath

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Are you in for a celestial touch on your next party hair-do? We suggest you go for this simple crown hairstyle with a fresh white baby’s breath. The good thing is you won’t need straighteners, curlers and other heat-styling tools for this look. You can also get away with second or third-day hair if you were unable to wash your mane. This look goes with any attire in your wardrobe, be it a trendy fusion or a traditional saree.

How to:

Make a half ponytail with the crown hair and cover it in a criss-cross manner with side bangs from both the side. Now, take a wide band of fresh baby’s breath and cover the pony with it covering the hair in a semi-circle.

Romantic Date Night Special Diagonal Hair-do

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Got a sudden romantic date night? When we have such an important event without notice, we get confused about what to wear, forgetting simple chores like hair wash. And that’s how our unkempt hairstyle ruins our whole look. The majority of us will opt for french roll buns when in a hurry but such delicate styles take time to get perfect. This simple diagonal bun will not only break the monotony but also save your day.


You can use any braiding styles for creating this corner-to-corner updo but waterfall or three-strand Dutch braid wins the race. So, start a braid at one corner at the back of your head and end on the other corner. Add little hair in each step. Use red roses with this hairstyle to increase the warmth of the look.

Half-up Half-down

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Half-up half-down hairstyles are quite common. Everyone can create such styles with ease and that’s the reason floral half-up styles never really go out of trend. You can even fix a nice hair extension with it to increase your hair’s volume. Crimping your hair is also a good option in these half-up hairdos. Amp up your half-up hair look with flowers of your liking and see the compliments flowing in!


Comb the hair and keep the bangs separate. Back-comb the crown section hair with a tail-comb and create a voluminous pompadour at the crown of the head. Create medium-sized curls on the open part of the hair and finally set the flowers of your choice in the middle. You can even set a flower string or individual flowers as per your attire.

Simple Sock-bun with Gajra

Photo Credit: wedabout

This is again a super easy hairstyle that gives a professional look with very little effort. It makes your hair look voluminous and party-ready instantly. This timeless hairstyle looks fabulous on medium to long hair. You need a string of flowers or gajra to create this look; no need to set individual flowers. That makes it a quick-fix hairstyle. This can be your perfect wedding or party hair look with traditional attire.


Make a tight ponytail. Take a bun maker or sock roll and clip it around the pony. Distribute the hair evenly on the sock roll and secure using bobby pins. The bun should be ready at this point. Wrap a gajra around the bun and secure with more pins.

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