Guide to contouring your nose

Contouring is an art of creating illusions of having sculpted facial and body features. Let’s face the truth; nobody is perfect in all aspects. We can get away with chubby cheeks with a little blush, but it’s pretty hard to hide extra-long or blunt nose. However, you can create a shadow effect around your nose to bring out the best of its natural shape. These tricks of nose contouring are very simple to master yet its impact on the face is immensely powerful. Here you will find a complete guide of nose contouring, the required tools and techniques. Just find your nose shape and you are good to go!

Golden Rules of Nose Contouring:

Here we are jotting down some need-of-the-time kind of rules. Follow these and you will be able to contour your nose like a pro from the very first attempt!

  • You will need a contour product 3-4 shades darker than your natural complexion. Go for cool-toned shades rather than warm-toned ones. Do not go too deep, or it will look artificial on the nose.
  • Do not indulge in powder contouring when you are an absolute beginner. Powder is tricky to control. As you apply powder over base makeup, you might have to retouch your base makeup if you make a mistake. First set your hands with cream contour and then use contour powder to set it.
  • Use a beauty blender, regular blending sponge or a small size angular contour brush for nose contouring. Big face contour brushes might go out of control unless you are well-versed with it.
  • Blend contours first and then proceed with highlighting. When you make mistakes at the time of blending, the effects can be corrected with highlighting, so keep this step for the later.

How to Contour Your Nose?

  • Take a fine tip brush to apply the contour cream on the required places.
  • Blend with the blending tool you have.
  • Apply the liquid or cream highlighter with a similar fine brush and blend it seamlessly with the contour.
  • Set the contour with contour powder and highlighted areas with loose powder followed by powder highlighter.

Different Nose Shapes and How to Contour them to Perfection:

There are five distinct shapes of the nose. Find out your nose type and get set contour!

Blunt Nose- If your nose does not have enough lift, you probably have a blunt nose. Identifying this nose shape is very easy since the flat shape of nose lands directly into the cheeks. A blunt nose requires some extra dimension at its sides. Draw sharp lines on each side of the linear nose bone and blend downwards.

Long Narrow Nose- This is the exact opposite of blunt nose. A long nose is narrow at the bridge. This extra sharpness makes the cheeks look lacking. Long and narrow nose shapes need a slight widening contour. You can try shortening effects as well. Place the contour lines keeping wide enough space between them. Fill the left-out area in the middle with a thick line of highlighter. Cover half nose tip with contour cream to create decreasing length effect.

Triangle Shape Nose- Triangle shaped nose looks too thin below the brow and too wide at the tip. This creates an undesirable, out of proportion appearance. To balance this out, draw sharp straight lines of contour from the base of the brows and drag it to the tip of the nose. You may also add a semi-circular contour line at the nose bulb for a defined nose tip.

Bolt shaped Nose– In this type of nose, the nose bulb is more prominent and rounder in proportion to the bridge of the nose. To decrease the bulbous look, bring the straight nose contour line to the tip. The contour lines will go through the roundness of the nose bulb. When you blend the contour sidewise downwards, the bulbous nostril will lose its prominence.

Uneven Nose- Due to slight defects in our nose cartilage, the nose looks slanted on a particular side. This is the trickiest nose shape for contouring, but you can create a perfect nose look with a little practice. Bend your neck slightly and look straight into the mirror. Now start drawing a pair of parallel lines starting from the brow area. Concentrate on creating these lines as parallel as possible. The lines may follow your nose shape unevenly but once you blend them properly, the nose will look even. To cut back on the slanted look, apply highlighter on the bridge of your nose with precision.

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