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How to beat humid hair?


There’s no denying that humidity is the biggest foe of shiny, smooth and lustrous hair. Excess moisture and extreme heat make our hair go sticky, dull and rough at the tips within a couple of hours of hair wash. We often cling to heat tools and styling products, but they offer only a temporary solution to frizzy hair. If you have curly or relaxed hair, the problem triples with over-use of heat or other styling products. Here are our secret tips to save your precious crowning glory from five common humidity related hair problems: frizz, stickiness, oily scalp, dull hair and rough tips. Let’s nip those annoying humid-hair worries at the bud and enjoy problem-free summer hair!

Ease Your Frizz

Our hair is made up of three layers; the outermost layer is called the cuticle. When the cuticle lifts from its natural position, we get frizzy hair. The more damaged your hair cuticles are, the more difficult will be the frizz condition. Summer heat sucks out the natural moisture of our hair, leaving it dry. That’s why the hair cuticles get sensitive to the atmospheric water or humidity. To counteract such dryness induced frizz, you need to supply an extra dose of moisture to your hair from time to time. Homemade protein packs and store-bought readymade hair packs work wonders for this. These packs rehydrate the hair strands and coat them with natural fats and oils. Do try the sour curd and honey pack at home. Take 1/2 cup curd and mix two tablespoons of honey to it and apply it to the hair and scalp for 20 minutes. Do this once a week to get best results.

Stickiness No More

Humidity, together with warm summer air, causes the skin to produce more sweat. The sweat quickly evaporates from the other parts of the skin, but the presence of longer hair strands traps the sweat to the scalp surface. Accumulated sweat catches dit and grime pretty fast, and we are left with sticky limp hair. The lemon-baking soda trick is what your needs at such times. Take a teaspoon of baking soda and add juice from 1/2 lemon. They will bubble up. Once the bubbles subside, add it to your regular shampoo to wash the scalp. This hair rinse removes product build-up from the scalp and volumises the hair. You may also try a chemical-free clarifying shampoo.

Refreshment for Oily Scalp

Scalp skin is generally categorized into dry, normal and oily. If you suffer from the oil hair woes, then humidity is not good for your hair. Moisture stimulates the oil glands of scalp skin and causes them to secret more and more oil. Washing your hair more often with harsh oil-clearing shampoos only worsen the problem. Mix a few drops of tea tree oil to your shampoo and wash the hair with it. Prepare a concoction with 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar and 2 cups plain water. Use it as your final hair rinse. Apple cider vinegar conditions hair and balances the pH level of the scalp. To keep the greasiness at bay, use corn-starch as a dry shampoo in between two hair washes.

Bring Back Life to Your Dull Hair

Dullness is the first thing that shows up on your hair when the weather gets hot and humid. Humidity steals the shiny sleekness of your hair and makes them look dull and lifeless. To prevent the hair from getting dull any further, always opt for a protective hairstyle during the times of sun exposure. UV damage is a significant player behind dull hair in summer. Use two cups of honey water to rinse your hair after washing and conditioning. Prepare a pack out of henna powder, amla powder, olive oil and apply it once a month for silky hair.

Show Some Love to the Rough Tips

Heat, harmful sun rays, humidity and excess use of clarifying hair care products cause thinness of hair texture. Hair ends get damaged pretty quickly, and hair fall due to breakage reaches its peak. Protecting your hair from rough ends is a preventive measure to counteract hair breakage. Make it a point to do deep hair oil treatment twice a week. Use pure coconut, almond or olive oil instead of mineral oil-laden hair oils. Mix a few drops of cold-pressed argan, avocado or apricot oil to increase the effectiveness. You can use these oils as hair serums as well!

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