Top 8 Fall/Winter 2020 runway looks

Every year the fall fashion and beauty season comes with lots of peak-throughs to the upcoming winter fashion trends. Being an in-between of spring-summer and autumn-winter runway season, we see plenty of experimental looks in the fashion campaigns. The faded presence of neons and pastels from the summer fashion blends itself into the dark and warm winter fashion in perfect harmony. Here come the ‘creme de la creme’ makeup trends from various fall/winter fashion runways exclusively for you!

Eye Makeup

Extended Cat Eyes

Winged eyes and cat liner looks were everywhere in global fashion campaigns. Still, there was some never-before kind of twists that we could not ignore. Be prepared to wing out your day to day cat liner beyond the eye contour. Keep it sharp and to the point. You might keep it matte jet black. You may also play with your favourite neon eye pencil or liquid lipstick to create a new vibe. For this, dray the winged liner with the eye pencil or super matte liquid lipstick. Create thin rims around the liner with black or brown to enhance the brightness of the neon liner.

Golden Smokey Eyes

Jewel-toned shimmer smokey eyes are a big hit this fall. Keeping up with the trend an intense smokey eye with gold tones can be your experiment desk too. Unlike the previous jewel makeup trends, this year, the use of invisible cut crease is prevalent with smokey eyes. To achieve a perfect gold smokey eyes, start with a black or cool-toned brown eyeshadow base. Apply the loose glitters on top of this dark base. It will bring the perfect sultry look you want.

Face Makeup

Natural Foundation Look

With ‘Yoga face’, ‘glass skin’ and ‘no makeup’ trends, we are moving towards the unfathomable grace of natural beauty. The same pattern is reigning the runways this fall as well. Leaving the heavy cast of made-up look, the breathable foundation is the new trendsetter. Last year we saw the rosy cheeks with natural makeup, but this fall the bare face look is gaining the most attention. This look can not be achieved with just makeup, as skincare plays a significant role too. So, keep your skin as problem-free as possible and then follow up with a sheer coverage dewy foundation. You may also pair it up with a bold or mute lip colour.

Flawless Grunge Look

Fall makeup is definitely incomplete without a good grunge look at hand. Every year we see lots and lots of changes in this category. Still, they remain in focus for their dark, sensual vibe. Generally, we create depth in this look with extra dark mauves, berries and marsalas in the lips. But, this time it’s all about the eyes. Deep black or brown smokey look or graphic winged liner in jet black is the new hero of this look. The face is kept flawless with a full coverage base. The lips are also kept muted. You may do slight contouring, but no rosy blush, please!

‘Bronze My Way’ Look

This is yet another sultry look after grunge. We often think that the bronzed up or sunkissed look is for spring-summer only. But, this year’s fall beauty trends made the best use of bronzers to create a chiselled look. To recreate this look, the base should have moderate coverage. Use a cool-toned bronzer to contour the hollows of the cheeks, forehead and also the crease of the eye. Use a nude gloss for some extra oomph.

Monochromatic Illuminated Look

Monochromes are keeping us posted for some time now. After peaches, pinks and orange-based summer monochromatic looks we have reached to more intense hues for fall looks. Colours like mauves, berries and sultry terracottas look excellent in fall monochrome looks. Clear skin with dewy glow is the heart of this monochromatic look. To get such looks, you will have to put your trust on strobe creams. Mix a few drops of such illuminating creams in your foundation. Grab a berry or mauve toned demi-matte lipstick and use this one product on the eyelids, cheeks and also on the lips. Use a good quality dewy setting spray to add on to the glow.

Lip Makeup

Classic Merlot Lips

Red lips never go wrong in fall makeup in any form or shade. Fall asks for something mysterious and sensual than your everyday cherry red lips. Put those bloodshot reds or merlots into good use if you want to follow the runway trend for this fall. The perfect dark lip colour for fall should stay in the neighbourhood of cool aubergine hue. Keep the eyes muted and the base makeup flawless to bring out the beauty of your lip colour. You may also try a glossy touch to your matte finish lipstick.

Stained Lips

Young woman with beautiful lips on white background, closeup

The famous Korean style tinted lips are running huge this fall. You can add up in the charade with a cherry, berry or pomegranate tone. These are heavily pigmented mattifying tints. You just apply them to the centre of your lips and then purse your pucker. The colour will blend itself with your natural lip tone. You’ll love the natural uneven kind of ombre effect.

Get your trendsetting hat on with these tips and looks.

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