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6 Tasty cookies to nibble on

Cookies are not just a snack, but a nostalgic bundle of childhood memories. Being a popular munchie and a comfort food for many, they are baked and flavoured in various ways across many countries. While a cookie is slightly chewy in nature, a biscuit is on the crunchier side. Be it with a cup of tea or coffee or when the midday/midnight hunger pang hits, cookies always come to our rescue. Keep the classic butter or choco chip flavours aside and try something different.

Brunsli with Meringue Cookies

This recipe is simple and quick to make. With just a handful of ingredients, this cookie is delicious and makes a perfect tea time snack. It is flavoured with cinnamon, vanilla, lemon juice and also contains the goodness of almonds and hazelnuts.

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Honey Ginger Cookies

Honey and ginger make a mouthwatering blend of sweet and spicy flavours. A combination of tasty and healthy and also a perfect snack to keep your body warm. This recipe has an Indian twist to the old age European cookie recipe. Dunk them in some warm milk and take a bite to relish the soothing flavours.

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Ripe Banana Pan Cookies

Have a basket of ripe bananas too mushy to eat? Well, here is an utterly simple cookie recipe you can make to use them. It is easy to bake and delicious to taste. This cookie is made with just a few components and can be baked or pan-fried. The recipe contains a drizzle of dry fruits to make it healthier. Your kids are sure going to love them.

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Rosette Custard Cookies

Something tasty and fancy! These delectable custard cookies make the best snack when friends come over or even for a party. Not just the guests but this recipe will delight your kids too. Bake a batch and store them to relish this mouth-watering dessert which melts in your mouth. Drizzle some fruit-based jam or squash to add a punch.

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Tea Peanut & Oatmeal Cookies

Diet on your mind but can’t hold your cravings? Worry not! This cookie will please your needs. Laced with tea leaves, oats and peanuts, this nutrient-packed dessert will keep your energy up and your mood happy. They make a great tea time snack and also something to munch on in the morning when you are on the run. You can also carry them for a quick bite when your stomach growls during office hours.

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Blueberry Lemon Cheese Cookies

This blueberry lemon cheese cookie has a blend of unique flavours. It is crunchy to bite but soft and gooey to chew. The recipe packs a sweet and sour combination. Various ingredients like banana, blueberry, lemon and vanilla enhance the flavour of this snack. Dig into them when they are still warm and let your taste buds sing.

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Get cozy this monsoon with these freshly baked homemade cookies.

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