Know your Mascaras

Do you know what makes your eyes pop most naturally? It’s the lashes, guys! When you have that thick black, beautifully fanned-out lashes, every eye turns towards you. Mascara is the one makeup product that makes your ‘dreamy lash’ dream come true. Mascara is a gel or liquid makeup item made up of dark black, brown or coloured pigments, various waxes and oils. When applied with a fine wand, it sets on the lashes and makes them appear longer, thicker and voluminous. While the source of the word ‘mascara’ is not known, the use of mascara began in 4000BC Egypt. Modern-day mascaras come in liquid powder or gel forms. Some also contain certain kinds of fibres to enhance the lashes even more. Different types of mascaras are supposed to bring about different looks on your lashes. Finding the right mascara can be a quest in itself. Here’s a detailed how-to on what to choose for your lash needs.  


Volumising Mascara

Volumising mascaras are for those who have naturally sparse or thin lashes. These mascaras have a thick greasy formula. The presence of various kinds of waxes enhance the thickness and makes your lashes look bulkier than they actually are. Be careful while applying these mascaras because their heavy formula might give spidery lashes with over-use. Wands of volumizing mascaras have very fine rubber or plastic bristles. 

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Curling Mascara

When you have thick individual lashes, curling those for a desirable fanned-out look becomes quite tricky. Curling mascaras help your lashes to hold the curls you have achieved with a lash curler. These mascaras are made up of a particular type of shrinking polymers. These polymers shrink as the mascara dries and along with that your lashes get the perfect curls. Applicators of curling mascaras generally have a curved shape. This shape increases the reachability of the mascara into each of your lashes. 

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Lengthening Mascara

If your lashes are naturally short, they won’t give the stunning flutter effects. Lengthening mascaras are your best options. These contain particles of nylon, rayon or fibres in a sticky base. They attach themselves to the lashes and make your lashes look extended. These mascaras work best when you apply a thick coat. To ensure the effects, these usually have densely packed bristles in their wands.  

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Separating Mascara


Applying mascara can be quite tricky for beginners. The corner lashes are sometimes very hard to reach. Plus moving your mascara wand in a single area many times gives you ugly looking clumped lashes. Clump-free mascaras or separating mascaras make the application extremely easy. They contain glycerine or other kinds of moisture capturing agents that do not dry off super fast. The thin structure of the wand reaches even the shortest corner lashes with ease. You can easily get past minor mistakes with separating mascaras.   

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Clear Mascara

Using mascara frequently might leave your lashes dry and damaged. Clear mascara or mascara primer protects eyelashes and prevents lash-loss. These mascaras are transparent gels or liquids. You need to apply them first and then proceed with your regular mascara. Sometimes your lashes need a curl as well as volume or length as well as curl. Clear mascaras come handy at such times. They provide the required volume or curling effect without making your lashes heavy.   

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Washable Mascara

Mascaras that have a water base are washable. Due to a high quantity of watery substances in the formula, these mascaras can be easily removed with plain water, water-based cleansers, regular face cleansers and light micellar waters. These mascaras do not cling heavily to your lashes, so they do not make your lashes stiff. If you are looking for a daily use mascaras, then these easy-to-remove ones might be your pick. However, washable mascaras tend to smudge easily so they might not be great for long-wears or humid weather.  

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Waterproof Mascara

Waterproof mascaras are designed for heavy-duty uses. So, they have very little or almost no water content in their formula. This makes them stay hours and hours without the slightest smudge. They last through splashes of water, sweat, humidity and tears. Waterproof mascaras are often preferred as occasional extra glam makeup like a wedding or TV makeup. These mascaras bind themselves to the lashes so they can be quite hard to remove at times. You need a cream cleanser, oil-based makeup remover or specially formulated eye makeup cleanser to remove them without lash-loss.

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