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Get your lips smacking with these paneer recipes

Paneer is one of India’s most beloved food. It is a form of fresh cheese made by curdling raw milk and removing excess water. The leftover residue is further spiced or sweetened with an array of ingredients to make delectable dishes. It is soft and chewy and bland to taste. Paneer’s texture lets it soak in flavours well, making it one of the most chosen components for various recipes across India. Here are a few paneer recipes with a unique twist in combinations and zest.


Paneery Malfatti in Tomato Sauce

An Italian style dish with a hint of desi style cooking. Get your hands to work by making some delicate dumplings stuffed with cheese and spinach and then place them over a spread of tangy tomato-garlic sauce. This combination of food brings a pack of tangy punch to the classic spinach and cheese’s subtle flavours. Plate it up in style and serve it for a date night or to elevate your weekend moods.

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Achari Paneer Quinoa Khichdi

Who said healthy foods cannot be tasty? This protein-packed dish with achari flavouring is sure to make your taste buds sing. Make dinner interesting with marinated and pan-fried paneer and veggie-packed quinoa khichdi. The dish is nutritious and filling and is sure to break the constant dinner cycle of rice and chapati. Serve this platter of healthy love to your entire family.

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Thread Paneer

Want to cook something unique and fun for your kids, family or friends? This recipe is your saviour. An easy dish to put together in a short span of time. It makes a great party food or even an interesting starter for your whole family to relish. This fried Chinese cuisine recipe is layered with panner on the inside and spiced noodles on the outside and can be served with the sauce of your choice.

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Kesar Paneer Pockets with Thandai Sauce

A delicacy that is sure to pack a burst of flavours with each bite. The base of the pocket is made with sooji and maida and the stuffing contains paneer, khova and saffron. Thandai sauce is made with almonds, cashew nuts, pista and is spiced with poppy seeds, fennel seeds, black peppercorns and cardamom. Serve the fried paneer pockets by drizzling some cool thandai sauce on them to enhance the flavours. You can also serve the sauce separately to dip the pockets and eat.

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Kheer Mohon

A traditional Bengal dessert that is a blend of two sweets – Gulab jamun and Kheer. This layered sweet is juicy and has a grainy texture. Jamun is made using paneer, mava, semolina as base and is flavoured with cardamom powder. The outer layer which is the kheer is prepared using ghee, paneer, mawa and condensed milk. The fried and sweetened jamun is coated with kheer and frozen before being served. It makes a great dish for festivals and other celebrations.

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Make your paneer interesting with these recipes.

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