Bring out the Bride in you  

Wedding is one of the most precious experiences in every girl’s life. Throughout our lives, we wait for this day. It’s not only about the best wedding dress, the heirloom jewellery and wedding rituals; this most significant celebration of our life needs the best version of ourselves too. We, as brides, go through several months of preparations, pre-bridal rituals, plenty of shopping and pre-wedding get-togethers. A lot of engagements often leave the mark of stress and tiredness on our skin, body and hair. Though we can’t neglect the daily dose of skin, hair and body care, the last week of wedding preparations is the best time to unwind and rejuvenate. Here’s the previous week’s day-wise preparation checklist for the bride-to-be.  

Ultimate Bridal Preparation- Last 7 Days:  

Day 7- Teeth-whitening & Facial Hair Removal  

As a bride, you are going to be the centre of attention in each one of your wedding photographs. Yellow and stained teeth might take out all the glory of your wedding photoshoots. You should definitely consider teeth-whitening treatment. Teeth-whitening treatments do not take more than 20 minutes and give you 3-4 times whiter teeth. Unwanted facial hair makes a face look dull and textured. Go for a session of dermaplaning or face shaving instead of face bleaching. If you are familiar with the face shaving, you may do it on your own as well. Your skin will calm down in a day. Still, keep 5-6 days at hand to cater to any skin issue.  

Day 6- Hair Styling 101- Trim & Touchup  

Hairstyling has a profound impact on our overall look. Hair frames our face and provides structural balance to a makeup look. Avoid an entirely new hairstyle just before your wedding. If the new style does not click, you have no time for damage repair. So, pick the hairstyle, hair colour and highlight style at least three months before the wedding. In the last week of your wedding preparation, visit the salon to trim the damaged ends lightly. Don’t forget to refresh your hair colour and highlights. If you want keratin treatment, do this at least two months before the big day.  

Day 5- Unwanted Hair removal & Eyebrow Grooming  

Unwanted body hair is the last thing you want in your wedding skin-prep. Hairy arms and legs squeeze out the best of your carefully designed wedding attires. Untamed, shapeless eyebrows, on the other hand, take away the sharpness of your face. So, grooming your eyebrows and getting rid of body hair is very important. Book a good salon to get a full-body wax and eyebrow shaping. You may also try waxing kits if you have prior experience at-home waxing. If you haven’t waxed before, you shouldn’t go for waxing or epilating just before the wedding. Try shaving or cream hair removal instead. These are painless methods and provide a silky smooth finish. Gillet Venus razors are our favourite.  

Day 4- Nourishing Hair Spa  

Wedding hair-dos are much more intricate than your go-to hair looks. It needs to stay in place the entire day. We also expect our hairstyles to last through the wedding rituals without touchup. Naturally, wedding hairstylists will put plenty of hairstyling mists and mousses on the hair. Your delicate hair will also go through damaging processes of recurrent heat styling, curling, crimping and what not. You can easily prevent some of the damage with a nourishing hair spa treatment. If you want a great hair spa day at home, use Mamaearth Argan Oil Hair Mask or L’Oreal Xtenso series hair spa creams. Hair spa is also a great way to treat hair and scalp issues like split ends and dandruff.  

Day 3- Body Polishing & Full Body Massage  

Exfoliation is the key to smooth and supple skin. Body polishing and massaging are two very useful means to provide baby-soft skin with radiance. Body spa also helps to relax the tense muscles and boosts moisture to the skin. Body polishing and body massage should be a part of every bride’s wedding checklist. Thai massage and Panchkarma body polish are the best salon spa treatments for brides. You may also opt for the hot stone massage and mineral body polish. You can also make your own body polish with aloe vera extract, coffee or sugar, cocoa powder and olive oil. Mix a few drops of lavender and sage essential oils in pure sweet almond oil, and you’ll get the best body massage oil.  

Day 2- Relaxing Manicure & Pedicure  

Well-groomed hands and feet are a must for brides. Nobody wishes for chipped nails and unkempt hands or feet on their wedding day. Go for aromatherapy manicure and pedicure treatments at your favourite salon two days before your wedding. You may get the same mani-pedi experience at home with VLCC Pedicure-Manicure Kit. If you are planning to get intricate henna styles, keep the nails muted yet elegant with classic french manicure. You may also opt for nail arts and stone studs. Acrylic nails are also great if you don’t have long nails.  

Day 1- Skin Rejuvenating Facial  

Keep the best for the last. This is true for wedding skin preparation and facials. A facial is an intense process of cleansing, exfoliating, toning and hydrating your skin with relaxing massages. Just one sitting of facial won’t bring much change on the skin. Choose monthly facials for the last 3-6 months with your favourite aesthetician. You may also do facials on your own with home facial kits from reputed brands like VLCC, Biotique, Lotus Herbals or Aroma Magic. Pick a facial that suits your skin type. Give your skin a gap of at least 8-10 hours before applying makeup. Never try a new facial just before the wedding. The day before the wedding is the best time to get a facial. The next day you’ll wake up with a gorgeous glow on your skin.  

Day 0- D-Day:  

Yes! After so many days of preparation and planning, you have reached the ‘D-day’ of your life. We know you are excited and so are we! Try to stay as calm as possible. You don’t want a stress-pimple or a bad hair day. Do you? So, keep up with your daily water intake. Have a relaxing shower. Nourish your skin and hair afterwards. Make it a point to apply a rejuvenating sheet mask one hour before your wedding makeup. This will plump up your skin and help the makeup to sit well.  

We wish you all the very best for the new life you are venturing into! 

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