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Comforting coffee blends to try

Are you someone who feels like a cup of coffee brings you back to life? Just the aroma elevates your mood any time of the day? Go mmm sipping on coffee and let it work its magic on you. Brew it hot or cold and relish your mornings and evenings with these amazing recipes.

Cinnamon Dolce Latte

A hint of cinnamon can bring an amazing twist of flavour your coffee. Freshly brewed coffee decoction with foamy hot milk is a perfect start to your mornings. The cinnamon in the coffee will soothe and relax you while keeping you warm on the inside. It’s a perfect drink for a windy or a cool evening.

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Cappuccino Porridge

Add some crunch to your coffee! This recipe is a quick breakfast to get you on your toes. A handful of oats can make your cappuccino fulfilling and a quick bite when hungry. The cappuccino porridge is like the best of both worlds food with a sprinkle of cocoa dust on top to enhance the flavour. Go on and give it a try!

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Beetroot Coffee

Wondering how a cup of coffee can be pink and healthy? Here we have a recipe with a unique blend of flavours that is sure to make your tastebuds sing. Made with coffee decoction, beetroot, honey with a touch of mint, this refreshing beverage is sure to boost your energy. An easy recipe drink to have any time of the day.

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Cold Brew Coffee

For coffee lovers who like it sweeter than bitter, this cold brew will surely make you go wild. Cold-brew coffees are made by brewing the decoction by refrigerating them for a longer period of time (12 – 15 hrs). This method cuts out the bitterness and acidic taste of the actual brew. Blend the decoction with foamy steamed milk and vanilla syrup. Serve it cold or hot but make sure to pour them right to get that lip-smacking extra froth.

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Masala Coffee Frappe

Whipped cream-topped cold coffee blends are a delight for most of us. Slurp through the coffee and lick away a spoonful of cream with this recipe. To bring in some zing to this drink, the chef has added a pinch of cinnamon and cardamom. This beverage makes an amazing plus one to a bucket of popcorn for movie nights or for a game night with your friends. Your kids are surely going to love it too.

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Let your never-ending love for coffee continue with these new recipes.

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