Tips to manage coloured hair

Colouring hair has become more sophisticated and innovative than ever. Sticking with the standard dark-to-light ombre effect, to unicorn-coloured hairs, to bleached blonde goodness, people are experimenting with their hair like never before. But with all the catching up with fashion trends, our manes go through terrible damage and it’s only fair we give it that extra attention if you are intending to spend a day with foils packed around your head.

6 tips to treat coloured hair with love to regain its moisture and sheen

The magic mantra to shiny healthy mane is a hydrating and moisturising shampoo. Shampoos play an important role in the overall health of the tresses and we highly recommend giving Tresemme Pro Protect Sulphate-Free Shampoo a try. Now if you’re wondering what a sulphate-free shampoo does to your hair, read on.
Sulphates are aggressive detergents that may strip your hair of its natural moisture. Overusing sulphate shampoos can make your hair dry, rough, and brittle.
Hence, its highly recommended that chemically treated hair doesn’t come in contact with sulphates.

Washing your hair less often helps the life of the colour. Yes, we get you! As much as you love your coloured ends the oily scalp is no fun ride. So here is a quick tip, switch to dry shampoos for your in-between wash days. They are light, absorb the oil in the scalp, instantly refreshes your hair and add a beautiful fragrance that lingers for the entire day.
We recommend giving Batiste Instant Hair Refresh Spray that transports you all the way to the Bahamas with its amazing beachy smell.

Leave-in treatments are essential if you style or heat your hair regularly. As styling and heat rip off the moisture and wear out the colour, it is important we apply a shield to protect the mane.
If you are confused as to which product is right for you, think no more! Keracai Leave-In Treatment is your answer. Loaded with a high percentage of pure keratin and acai berry extracts, it is a product your dry damaged hair will thank you for.

Avoid direct contact with Chlorine. Chlorine is a chemical bleaching agent that cleans pools and will definitely strip colour from your hair when enjoying a sunny pool day.
If you don’t want to let go of your love for the water, we got you covered with our favourite tip! 
Apply the Dot And Key Pre-Swim Skin And Hair Spray all over the hair and use a swimming cap. The coating and grease on the hair will protect the hair from coming in direct contact with chlorine.

Hair masks of every kind will be your best friend if you colour treat your hair. Whether it’s damaged or not, it’s important to incorporate hair masks into your hair routine simply for maintenance and ensuring healthy, shiny locks.
Schwarzkopf Gliss Intense Therapy Bond Repair Mask promises amazing benefits like colour protection, intense hydration, long-lasting volume, and weightless nourishment. You get the repair you need without having to compromise.

Quit oiling your hair. The effort that goes into the removal of the oil and grease from the hair affects the life of the colour and harshly rips it away leaving it dry and lifeless. Instead use Pantene Oil Replacement which does all that the oil would do but in the form of a mask that is equal to a good old champi with a massage. 


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