Subtle smokey eyes using an eye pencil

While we may all not be a pro when it comes to makeup, there are a few tricks one can try to keep their pace with the most happening trends. Makeup artist Vydurya Lokesh shows us how one can achieve the oh so popular smokey eyes look with ease using an eye pencil.

Step 1: Apply a concealer and blend on the lid area.


Step 2: Use your favourite kajal pencil and draw a thick line but do not leave it around for too long, immediately grab a blending brush and blend the eye colour halfway up to the creaseline.


Step 3: Use a dark purple powder eyeshadow and blend the black all up to the creaseline, making sure the black and the deep purple blend well.


Step 4: Use a soft brown on the creaseline to cut the harsh lines of the black and purple.


Step 5: Curl the lashes and apply a thick coat of mascara and smoke the lower lash line to complete your easy peasy smokey eye makeup look. Using less than 4 products.

Go on, pick your shade of eye pencil and start blending.

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