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Know your pickle – 7 homestyle flavours to try

Pickles bring in the warm memories of childhood. The spicy flavours, succulent pieces of pickled fruits and vegetables, the aroma of the pickle jars lined up in grandmother’s kitchen. Be it the most loved tangy and spicy mango pickle or the sour and salty lemon pickle, just thinking about it makes our mouth water. Making pickles at home has been a long part of Indian traditions, and there are more recipes than one can imagine varying from state to state or culture to culture. No matter which pickle we choose, don’t we all just love it when topped on a hot plate of rice with ghee or with a plate of warm rotis/parathas with a pickle on the side?

For those who love and miss homemade pickles, Indi Secrets has created recipes to woo your taste buds and bring back your childhood memories with a range of pickles. These products are made with 100% organic ingredients to give you the best flavours to relish and a homely feel in each bite.

Indi Secrets Organic Homestyle Mango Pickle

This pickle is made from the freshest mangoes, spices and flavour packed cold-pressed mustard oil. 100% natural ingredients are picked to bring out the richness and enhance the taste of any food you consume it with. Handpicked mangoes give out a burst of tanginess, while the spices add to the zest and the mustard oil creates a balance to it all. This desi style pickle makes a perfect accompaniment to your roti, paratha, dosa, plain rice, curd rice and more.

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Indi Secrets Organic Homestyle Lemon Pickle

Who doesn’t love the lemony zing? This authentic lemon pickle consists of sour and succulent pieces of lemon, spiced with organic ingredients and a hint of mustard oil to create a melody of flavours in your mouth. Freshly made with love, this homestyle recipe is sure to bring back memories of your mom’s style of cooking. Dip into it or spread it over your favourite dish to experience the pure joy of homemade food.

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Indi Secrets Organic Homestyle Mixed Veg Pickle

Why pick one, when you can enjoy it mixed? This mixed veg pickle contains the goodness of mango, ginger, amla, carrot and green chilli. Each fruit and veggie in this recipe brings in its own flavour, making it tasty and deliciously good to go with all your meals. The surprise of getting a pickled carrot or a succulent piece of mango or the spicy chilli is always fun. Go on and combine it with your favourite food and enjoy every bite.

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Indi Secrets Organic Homestyle Garlic Pickle

Garlic is one of the most used ingredients to bring in some flavour to the day to day to foods and is popular for its amazing health benefits. While most of us love the salty-sweet zest it brings into the food, a few might think twice before opting it due to its strong essence. But that is the best part of it all! If not as an ingredient, try this pickle that brings out a completely unique taste to most of the meals. It can also be a perfect side for chips, nachos, rolls and more.

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Indi Secrets Organic Homestyle Green Chilli Pickle

Love everything spicy? This is the pickle for you. Hot, zesty and packed with the flavour of green chillies. Every bite of this pickle is sure to pass a jolt of spiciness to your tongue. While green chillies raw can be extremely spicy, pickled chillies keep the flavour, creates a balance with other spices and lets you enjoy the taste. For those who love to try something spicy, go ahead and start with this homestyle green chilli pickle. Let your tongue tingle with joy!

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Indi Secrets Organic Homestyle Ginger Pickle

Ginger is one of the healthiest spices that is packed with antioxidants, reduces stress and aids in digestion. Its unique sweet and spicy taste gives a unique flavour to both sweet and savoury dishes. The pickle on its own is an amazing accompaniment to your breakfasts like idli and dosa of the south or poori and paratha of the north. It also goes perfectly with a bowl of hot rice, ghee/ jeera rice, rasam rice or even curd rice. This ginger pickle is a sensational blend of ingredients made to soothe your taste buds.

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Indi Secrets Organic Homestyle Turmeric Pickle

Whatt? Turmeric for a pickle? Yes, a unique recipe indeed. Though throughout our country there are various pickle recipes which are not that common, a few of them hold their own place when it comes to the taste. This turmeric pickle recipe is a must-try for those who love it and for those who have never tasted it. As this pickle is made with organic and fresh ingredients, one might think about the bitterness of turmeric that might stand out. Well, you have got it wrong. The turmeric is seasoned with various spices and a dash of mustard oil to balance its bitterness and enhance the zest overall. Match it with any dish you like and relish the burst of flavours.

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Now, it’s time to pick one or pick all! Explore the Indi Secrets pickle collection and let the love for pickles stay on.

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