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Welcome to tinsel town! This glittering world of Bollywood has given us more than just entertainment. They have given us cult-culture, pop-culture, and of course, trends we flaunt even today. While Bollywood churns out trends faster than Friday releases, there are a handful of actors who’ve given us more than trends. They gave us a timeless fashion.

One of them is Sridevi. With her impeccable comic timing, her inimitable dance moves, and a host of cult movies to her name, she had an innate knack for adding the ‘Wow factor’ to any role she portrayed. She was a trailblazer who set the screen on fire and gave us iconic looks we love and cherish even today.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane and revisit our favourite actor’s five classic looks.


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As the bumbling reporter out for the breaking news, Sridevi broke all the fashion records with her iconic number as ‘Miss Hawa Hawai’. One of her most memorable characters, her OTT golden dress, the golden crown, the outlandish headgear and ruffles, were pure genius. Even in her comical glory, she looked stunning. Her glam-doll look was an instant showstopper as she set the screen on fire with her rosy cheeks, bold lips, intense golden lids, and a strong brow game. Only she could’ve struck the right balance of ludicrous yet inimitable style and belt out an equally wacky number. This look has our heart!

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Only Sridevi could set a trend by wearing a simple chiffon saree, sleeveless blouse, and a pearl necklace teamed with a tiny bindi. Her look in ‘Chandni’ was a trendsetter. Be it the eye-catching yellow saree, that became an instant hit or the pristine white outfit she romanced with equal élan, Sridevi revolutionized fashion. And not just sarees, she accentuated her beauty with stellar makeup too. Her doe-shaped eyes looked even more mesmerizing as she highlighted them with kohl, while her glossy lips and shimmering lids were nothing short of a blockbuster.

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Sridevi was all about grace. She stole the show as she danced to the Rajasthani folk song ‘Morni Baagama Bole’. And she stole hearts with her blue and yellow traditional Rajasthani lehenga that became a rage. The look had everything going for it. Be it the colourful bangles, the traditional matha-patti and earrings, the polka necklace, the nose-pin, the bindi, the kamar-patta, she did absolute justice to the outfit as she did to the role. She upped her game with the perfect makeup – glossy pink lips, dramatic eye makeup and a flawless blush, and truly gave the movie a ton of ‘moments’ to remember.

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A holler of a movie, only Sridevi could have possibly pulled off the role of twins with as much aplomb. She gave a new spin to the quintessential raincoat and illustrated what a fashionable opaque mackintosh and hat should look like. Her groovy dance moves complete with a see-through umbrella, her classic expressions and an ever-effervescent attitude, this film achieved cult status. And how can we forget her makeup? Her hot pink lip-shade teamed with brown eye-shadow highlighted her best features, her lips and eyes. Needless to say, she set many hearts fluttering as she demurely fluttered her mascara-lined lashes.

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The simple, minimalistic look of Sridevi in this movie is perhaps what made it so relatable to many. Her sarees reflected compassion and her sensitive character struck a chord with many. The classic red and gold saree that she adorned with delicate gold jewellery looked elegant without looking extravagant. Sridevi had the knack of making even the simplest of outfits looks classy, even with minimal makeup. A bright pop of lipstick perfectly applied eyeliner, and a natural shade of eye-shadow accentuated her charm. The humble red bindi gave it the ultimate finish.

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Sridevi was way ahead of her time. Be it in her choice of movies or clothes, she never shied away from experimenting. It was this very quality that made her different. Her distinctive style set many benchmarks and her movies occupy a place of extraordinary significance even today. She was a brilliant actor and performer, and she continues to be the superstar she always was.

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