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Magnificient Mulberry – Everything you need to know about it

This is one Heart-shaped attractive-looking cluster of fruits, highly underrated for its goodness. This beautiful fruit is also referred to as Tutee, Shahtoot, Shetur, Himalayan Mulberry as such. Similar to blackberry, these fruits are refreshing, sweet to taste, with a slightly acidic flavor. These colorful berries can be consumed both fresh and dried.

Mulberry is a genus of flowering plants from the Moraceae family.  It is a genus of 10–16 types of trees and turns white, red, or blackish-purple when they ripen. There are several cultivars, but the well-known cultivars are white (Morus Alba), red (Morus Rubra), and black (Morus Nigra).

This perennial plant is easy to grow and requires low maintenance. The best way to grow them is from seeds as seedling-grown trees are considered healthier. In any case, large pieces from other mulberry trees are often taken to sow and grow more trees.

The deciduous tree on which mulberries sprouts grows up to a height of about 40-80 feet. They blossom in warmer climes. Haryana, Punjab, HP, Karnataka, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu are the Primary Mulberry cultivating states in India.  Globally, Africa, Asia, and certain regions of the US also cultivate Mulberry fruit.

Mulberry trees grow fast at first, only to slow down later. They rarely grow over 10-15 meters. The fruit grows in bunches and is more than 2 centimeters long. The leaves of a white variant of mulberry are an important source of food for the silkworm.

Mulberry fruit is rich in vitamin A, C, and E and is widely used in the preparation of several tonics.

Mulberry is considered a storehouse of healthy goodness. The fruit is used in the preparation of tonics and is known to cure constipation, dizziness, and urinary problems. It improves eye health and boosts blood circulation. As a good source of iron, these berries boost energy levels. Rich in vitamin A, C, E, and K, the other plant compounds this fruit is known to lower cholesterol, blood sugar, and cancer risk. It also has essential minerals such as niacin and calcium.

The red and purple variant is used in pies, cakes and to make delish tarts. Make delightful looking slush, healthy jams,  mulberry ice-cream, or simply add mulberry puree as a topping. Red, purple mulberry have strong flavor however fruit of the white mulberry has a very weak flavor.


Mulberry is used in making jams , pies



Choose mulberry which has a sweet fragrance without any moulds.

These berries should be stored in the fridge. Don’t store it for too long.

They stain hands and vessels easily.

Morus Alba releases pollen rapidly (half the speed of sound)

Japan, Korea, and China make fruit juice from this fruit.

The inner bark of Broussonetia papyrifera notable as paper mulberry was used for making Washi, handcrafted paper in China and hanji, a Korean paper.




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