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A fistful of health with Cape Gooseberries

Rightly called golden berry and for a good reason. This astounding berry is popularly known as rasbhari in the country. Its golden yellow colour merits the title golden for it.

This Golden Berry rightly earns its name due to its nutritional values.

They are usually grown in regions that have warmer climates such as South Africa, South America, China, Central America, and India. It is one of the easiest berries to cultivate as they grow in any climate. They require sandy soil to loamy gravel soil. The soil has to be well-drained. The method of cultivating this berry is very similar to that of tomato.

A great source of vitamin A, rasbhari is highly beneficial for eye health. If you are concerned about the health of your eyes, this is the berry to look up to. It is rich in iron and fulfills the daily requirement of vitamin A, thus preventing eye conditions such as cataracts and age-related muscular degeneration.

It also contains pectin, soluble fibers, which helps prevent constipation and lowers bad cholesterol. In short, this delicious softly crunchy, juicy berry is a storehouse of nutrients.

Antioxidant-rich cape gooseberry is packed with many other nutrients too. With a host of health benefits, it is rich in vitamin C. So it will benefit your skin and also boost your immunity by consuming these berries.

These beautiful berries are great for your eyes’ overall health


Delicious as they are, Cape gooseberries help in digestion, control diabetes, and regulate high HB. The good news is that they help in weight loss too. And yes, these delicious bites have phosphorous and calcium that help in bone strength which is good for those suffering from rheumatism.

Sweet and tangy to taste, this yellowish-orange fruit has an incredible crunch that makes it absolute relish. Its piquant taste has earned it its share of foodie-fans who can’t get enough of this berry. Rasbhari can be made to prepare jams, puddings, and desserts. Because of its unique crunch and flavor adding it to salads can make an interesting addition to your recipes.

So get on and get these delicious darlings on your table…enjoy!


Cape gooseberries are known to have more antioxidants than pomegranates or broccoli.

Ayurveda is said to use these berries to treat disorders.

It can also protect you from the common cold and flu-like condition

Cape gooseberries which are not fully ripe could cause allergy in some cases.


Source : Caloriebee

Amazing Health Benefits and Medicinal Uses of Rasbhari (Cape gooseberry)

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