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Trimming your pet’s hair during the summers – Dos and Dont’s for certain breeds

It’s summertime and while we humans get ready to face the scorching heat, our little furry friends do the same. There is no denying that we take care of our pets the way we do with our children. Of course, their comfort matters to us and when it comes to this season, our worries only grow further. During all this, a question must have aroused in many of your minds? Should I trim my pet’s hair? Will it make them feel comfortable? Well, we got the best answers for you.

The best answer that you will get from a veterinarian doctor is a simple NO. However, there are always exceptions to such restrictions and that is no different in the case of pets. Animals’ coats are designed in such a way that they can endure both warm and cold climates. Trimming their hair would simply interfere in the regulation of body temperature.

This applies to both dogs and cats. The latter is, anyways, a mobile being, so they always find a way to keep their bodies cool by moving to shady areas when the summer is at its worst. Even dogs do the same. However, there is an exception here. Veterinarians suggest trimming the hair of dogs having thicker coats. But you should avoid doing the same with the short-hair breeds. Apart from that, you can follow this process with dogs who remain outside or are more likely to get wet. This also keeps maggots away from them.

The one point that you need to remember before considering trimming or shaving your pet is to consult a vet. Always make that your priority before taking any decision related to the animals.

Given below are some tips to follow if you consider trimming your pet’s coat this summer:

Professional help

No one wants to compromise when it comes to a loved one, right? Pets are an inseparable part of our lives. So, there is no chance that we are going to take any risks. The best way to shave your pet’s hair is to hire a professional groomer.

Clipper care

Take breaks in between to make sure that the clippers do not overheat to avoid harming your furry friend.

That extra inch

It is always suggested to leave at least an inch of hair to save the little ones from sunburn and cold weather.


Never ever go too close to the pet’s skin while trimming its hair. This calls for unwanted skin problems and may also promote irregular hair growth.


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