5 cooling mud masks for a summer ready skin

While summer brings with it a holiday vibe and sun-soaked days, it also brings with it skin woes aplenty. From sudden breakouts to acne, blackheads, pimples, and greasy skin – ugh! The list is endless! But there is a way out because here’s what you need to remember – when the weather changes, your skincare routine must change too. That’s also because new seasons mean new temperatures and new challenges. And in the warmer months, your oil-producing glands work overtime hence producing more oil.

But wait, all is not lost. There’s good news, though! Combating summer skin problems is as simple as adding a mud mask to your routine. Mud masks are a boon and work like a charm when it comes to relieving skin of toxins, oil, and impurities.

But before you invest in a mud mask, make sure you read the ingredients carefully. For scorching summers, it’s best to use mud masks that contain cooling ingredients. Here’s a list that you need to look out for:

Fuller’s Earth

More popularly known as Multani Mitti, this has been a favourite for centuries. It is a cooling agent and helps to exfoliate and nourish skin by absorbing oil and impurities.

Peppermint Oil

Mint Oil cools, soothes, and tones the skin. Apart from this, it also has antiseptic and antibacterial properties that naturally cleanse and relax the skin and help relieve it of irritation, rashes, or inflammation.


This epitome of excellence has cold potency, which means it cools and soothes the skin, and works fabulously on skin that lacks luster in the heat, and helps with issues like pigmentation and sunburn.


This age-old beauty ingredient has powerful cooling properties. It not only hydrates and moisturizes the skin but also zaps out excess oil to keep skin acne-free and blemish-free.

Now if you’re wondering where you can find these miraculous mud masks, relax. We’ve put together 5 of our favourites that’ll not only save your skin but also give you that fabulous summer glow. Move over summer vacations. It’s time for mask-cation!

HIMALAYA OIL CLEAR MUD FACE PACK – For cool skin that’s truly in

This lifesaver of a mud mask is enriched with a herbal formulation that’s loaded the goodness with Fuller’s Earth. This cooling and cleaning mud mask intensely cleans dirt and clogged pores absorb excess oil, removes dead skin, and helps lighten tanning. Its deep cleansing and detoxifying properties, help maintain the skin’s pH balance thus leaving it rejuvenated and refreshed.

VLCC SKIN DEFENSE MUD FACE PACK – The coolest defense against hot summers

Give your skin a fabulous glow with VLCC Skin Defense Mud Face Pack. Loaded with the goodness of Kaolin, Turmeric Extract, and Mint Oil, this not only removes stubborn toxins and excess oil but also brightens and tightens skin by improving blood circulation. All in all, you can enjoy a fresh, healthy glow all day long.

SOULFLOWER HERBAL CLAY MUD FACE MASK – Play up on clay to keep your skin cool

Get your skin ready for summer with this Soulflower Herbal Clay Mud Face Mask. This 100% vegan, the hand-mixed potent combination is packed with natural ingredients like Fullers Earth, Sandalwood, Licorice, Amba Haldi, Manjistha, Pomegranate, and Papaya Powder. It helps soothe and purify skin, minimize acne, improve blood circulation and boost glow. Free of chemicals, this leaves your skin happy and rejuvenated.

BIOTIQUE FACE PACK (BIO MUD FIRMING) – Keep calm and get your radiance on!

Give your skin a healthy boost with this firming and revitalizing Biotique Face Pack. A fine blend of Magnesium, Calcium, Iodine Mineral Salts, and essential oils of Basil, Geranium, Lavender, and Peppermint helps lift, tighten, and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Skin feels fabulously resilient and looks radiant.

JIVA AYURVEDA NEEM MUD PACK – The coolest way to get fresh skin

Renew your skin with a burst of freshness with the Jiva Ayurveda Neem Mud Pack. Enriched with Multani Mitti that is loaded with the goodness of Silica, Iron Oxide, Lime, Magnesia, and Water, it acts as a natural cleanser and astringent. It is excellent for skin’s blood circulation and treating minor infections. Neem boasts of antifungal and antibacterial properties that relieve skin from acne and irritation. For fabulous skin, it’s team Neem all the way.

This summer, stay cool, stay fabulous. Indulge in all things beautiful – iced teas, lazy afternoons, and cooling mud masks. Take time off, slow down, tune the world out, and give yourself and your skin the indulgence it deserves. So slather on the goodness, soak in the nourishment, get that gorgeous summer glow. Remember, start your day with a smile, and always end it with a mud mask!

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