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World Book Day 2021 – a chance to relive the significance of books

At a time when the internet has taken over everyone’s lives, the love for books continues among many of us even now. There are a few things in the world which are evergreen and books, according to me, can be counted among the same. Today marks World Book Day and what better occasion for all the bibliophiles to celebrate, right?

So, let us dive in and understand the significance of World Book Day, its significance, history, and much more.


World Book Day is known by two different names – ‘International Day of the Book’ and ‘World Book and Copyright Day.’ UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) organizes this event annually. The main motto for doing the same is, of course, to promote activities like reading, writing, publishing, copyright, and so on.

History and significance

This amazing event was first organized way back on April 22, 1995. But later, the date was allotted as April 23 every year. Now, this is to note here that this particular date has a lot of significance among the individuals associated with world literature. Initially, the organizers planned this event to commemorate the death anniversary of Vicente Clavel Andrés, a renowned Spanish writer. Later, when UNESCO took over the responsibility on its hands in 1995, the organization decided that it would be observed on the said date as it also marks the death anniversaries of William Shakespeare, Inca Garcilaso De La Vega, and Miguel De Cervantes. Apart from that, this date also marks the birth anniversaries of numerous other prominent authors.


Every year, a unique theme is decided to mark this special occasion. Moreover, UNESCO and all the other international organizations associated with World Book Day unanimously decide on a place as the World Book Capital – a wonderful tag that remains for an entire year. Do you want to know which city has been selected for this year? Well, its name is Tbilisi, a city situated in Georgia. Since the COVID-19 pandemic has affected almost every part of the world, the theme for 2021 has been decided to keep in mind the same. So, the theme for this year is ‘To share a story.’

Apart from that UNESCO has also organized the #Bookface challenge on social media. As a part of the same, a person must take a picture of himself or herself along with a book cover or page and share it across to a particular site. And of course, the best ones will get featured on the organization’s official page. Exciting, isn’t it?

COVID-19 pandemic, reading books, and much more

The entire world is currently under the grasp of a deadly pandemic. At a time when frontline workers are working hard to fight novel coronavirus, it is quite obvious that stepping out to celebrate occasions doesn’t look right. The same applies to World Book Day 2021. As a result of the same, it has been encouraged to enjoy the company of books at home. Want a new one? Well, then take advantage of the latest technology and download a new book today itself! You can also share your reading experience with friends and loved ones on social media.

What is your current favourite book? Which author’s writings do you like the most? It would be amazing to know your views and opinions in our comments section. Do leave your comments here and once again, keep reading!

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