The ultimate moustache grooming guide

Move over, November. Moustaches are here to stay, all year long. So, whether you’re a fan of Tom Selleck’s iconic Chevron moustache, or love the absurdity of Dali’s Handlebar, growing a moustache is no mean feat. Grooming a champion-worthy moustache takes time, patience, and not to forget skill. While moustaches are believed to be symbols of masculinity and suaveness, a well-maintained, well-styled one can be a total game-changer.

The truth is, with great moustache comes great responsibility, because a lot goes into making a moustache look awesome. That’s exactly why we’ve prepared the ultimate moustache grooming guide to put in the ‘stache Hall Of Fame.

Read on, and get your moustache game on!

Trim it

Trimming is absolutely essential when it comes to grooming your moustache. The best way to do this is to use a dedicated trimmer to careful sculpt your moustache to perfection. Snip away long hair or stray ones to keep the edges of your moustache clean.

Bro tip: Patience is the key. Wait for about 2 to 4 weeks till your moustache is long enough to trim. Trimming it sooner won’t get you the best results.

BB recommends: Nova NHT 1071 Titanium Coated Cordless Trimmer

Wash it

A clean canvas encourages hair growth, that’s why it’s extremely important to wash and care for your moustache regularly. This step is crucial as it helps to get rid of trapped dirt, food, and dead skin cells that are building up in your moustache, especially in the early stages.

Bro tip: Opt for a non-comedogenic moustache wash to avoid clogged pores and encourage better growth.

BB recommends: Phy The Shield – Pollution Protect Face + Beard Wash

Oil it

Facial hair is coarse, and it can make your skin dry and itchy. Also, washing your face strips the skin of its natural oils. For both these reasons, it’s necessary to invest in the right oil to keep it conditioned, hydrated and nourished. Remember, your moustache should look shiny and groomed – not flaky and shaggy.

Bro tip: Do not use hair conditioner on your beard. Products for scalp hair must be avoided for facial hair.

BB recommends: Himalaya Men Beard Daily Nourish Oil

Wax it

If you’re looking to sport a well-maintained, neat moustache, you need to wax it to keep it orderly and give it the desired definition. Moreover, regular application of moustache wax will help train it to grow the way you want it to.

Bro tip: Always oil your moustache before applying wax, since a freshly oiled moustache can help break the wax as you apply it. Also, scoop the wax and place it on your palm, and rub it together. The heat generated from your palms will melt the wax will make it easier to apply.

BB recommends: Ustraa Beard & Mooch Wax – Strong Hold

Comb it

A moustache comb is an excellent investment. Not only will it keep your moustache neat and suave, but it will also train your moustache to grow in the direction you desire. Moreover, it’ll help in distributing moustache wax evenly, and is a boon while trimming.

Bro tip: Before combing, always ensure your moustache is clean and dry and has no wax in it.

BB recommends: Beardo Boomerang Shaping Tool Comb

And with that, gentlemen, you are ready to style, groom, and flaunt your moustache. Rest assured, this handy grooming guide will help you grow a moustache you are truly proud of. The kind that looks epic, feels epic and commands more than one look. The kind of moustache or ‘mo’, you’ll show off with pride and confidence, because your mojo is in your ‘mo’. So, keep calm and moustache on!

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