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Mother’s Day 2021 – Best gifts for your mom

Mama mia!

We all love our mama to the moon and back. With Mother’s Day drawing close some of us are also planning to do something special or surprise her with something special. Hence we thought of giving you some gifting ideas for the woman who nurtured you with love and patience up till now.

Day of indulgence:

How about a beautiful bath set that will make her squeal with delight? Apart from her favourite breakfast in bed, the attractive bath set will make her happy to no end. With fragrance so divine that your mom won’t share it with you. Big Basket has an array of such thrilling bath sets, aromatic oils that will amaze you.

From strawberry essentials gift set to a curated set of handpicked aromatic oil, the list is vast. Buy a couple of these gifts and yes, she will squeal with delight. Chill time, mom!

Soulflower For You

This gift set is a curated gift set consists of handpicked Soulflower goodies. This is a reusable handmade box with different spa products. With Lavender soothing and Castor smoothening properties, it’s proven to give you the ultimate aromatherapy experience.

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Fizzy Fern Himalayan Rose Collection Gift Set of pure roses

These are Ayurvedic products with researched and beneficial ingredients. This gift box contains a total of 4 products. It is a great gift to pamper the women in your life.

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Chocolate mania

If your mom loves her chocolates and thinks it is worthy to fight for them, now is the time to give her some peacetime with her choco treat. Place a couple of assorted gift sets of absolutely yummy and sink-in-it delights in her lap. Wow! What a day and what happiness…

Gift her Lindberg Assorted Gift Box – Pure Belgium Chocolate Truffles

A rich, decadent collection of luxury delights that come with a creamy smooth texture, rich flavour, glossy shine, and melts-in-the-mouth experience. Lindberg Pure Belgium Chocolate Truffles Assorted Gift Box has an assortment of 12 flavours. The flavours are Roasted Almond, Hazelnut, Fruit & nuts, Blueberry, Coffee, Pure Milk, Cranberry, Salted Caramel, White Chocolate (heart Shape in Chilli Flavour), Milk Chocolate With Orange Filling.

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If she wants it dark grab a Lindberg Raisins Dark Chocolate Bar – Pure Belgian

The finest dark chocolates combined with sweet raisins will make your mother’s day. Made with 70% pure cocoa extracts, these are preservative-free. So, indulge and enjoy the luxurious dark, delicately crafted chocolates to your mom’s content! Click on the link given below for your gift

The glitter to add to her shine: If diamonds are her pet indulgence, gift her an attractive diamond set. Bet it a necklace or perhaps earring, whatever her choice may be, it will add to her shine.

Fashion-forward: Mama loves fashion! Ok to go hunting for a luxe, ultra-chic handbag. Now you can’t go wrong with a bag you can flaunt, can you?

Green thumb: If she has a green thumb, present her with a pot of poises. Help her with her nursery. They will blossom and grow in her care.

Gift voucher: If you are truly lost on what to gift your mom, present her with a gift voucher. Let her choose something that she truly loves and aspires to have.

Lastly, give your mom a day off. Do the house cleaning, cooking, laundry, and the entire routine that is required for a home to be running smoothly. Won’t that be great?

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