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Mother’s Day 2021: 5 things to do for your mother

One of the things the pandemic has ensured this year is that we learn how to celebrate various festivals and days from inside our homes rather than going somewhere. Due to lockdowns and travel restrictions in many places, many are not able to visit their families. Those who are with their families can only celebrate special days from within the confines of their homes.

May 9 is Mother’s day. As we are coming up on the second Mother’s day during Covid, one of the best gifts you can provide your mother is safety. Be safe yourself by following the right masking and sanitizing protocols and protect her too by maintaining social distancing.

Other than this, there are many creative ways you can celebrate this beautiful day with your mother. We are going to share some ideas here. If you are with your mom, these ideas can be really helpful. However, we will also share tips to execute these ideas or find alternate tricks to celebrate Mother’s day, if you are far away from your mother. So, don’t worry and put on your creative hats.

1) Spa Day

Hair care techniques

There won’t be any woman who says no to a spa day. Your mother works all day to give you comfort, whether it is cooking your favourites while you work from home or encouraging you to eat healthy on a video call, while she frets about your health from another city. No amount of days off can be ever enough for our mothers. That’s why a spa day is one of the best ways to relax and get in the mood.

Now, if you are staying with her, you can start by switching off all your gadgets and focussing on her solely. Treat her to a facial, a hair spa, and a mani-pedi. Buy her a super comfy bathing gown and some amazing essential oils. If possible, ask the men of the family to either prepare food or order it and generally stay out of the way. Put on some relaxing music, light some scented candles, and sit with your mom while she enjoys the day.

If you have been safe, you can also give her a little massage and facial. The soothing fragrance of the essential oils and the scented candles, along with the music will surely relax her. More importantly, talk to her. Tell her happy things, do a little gossip, and relive old memories with her.

If you are far away from home, then you can simply coordinate with your dad to prepare the day for her beforehand. You can order the items required for spa day prior and make sure that everything is set. On the day itself, you can set up a Zoom call with your mom and do all the above-mentioned things virtually.

The idea is to be with her while she has a relaxing day. No one says you cannot be with her, even if you are in another city.

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2) Nothing says it like a flower or a plant


If your mother has a green thumb like mine does, you have your work literally cut out for you. Sending flowers is a good idea if your mother likes them. However, keep in mind to send her favourites and book them way in advance to avoid last moment issues regarding travel restrictions.

If your idea is to send her live plants, then that would be ideal. Select plants that you know your mother would love and get them delivered. Spend the day with her, helping her plant and re-pot them. If you are an amateur gardener yourself, you can ask her to teach you some tricks. Nothing will make her happier than to share her knowledge about her favourite hobby. Along with plants, you can also buy her some pretty planters, new garden tools, or simply some potted soil mixed with organic fertilizer. If she realizes that you genuinely regard her love for gardening, nothing else would make her happier.

Even if your mom is not into gardening, sending her a plant that will live in her home is like reminding her everyday of your love for her.

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3) Recreate that age

One of the things you notice about moms is that they love to talk about yonder days. Mostly, it would be about you or some funny antic of yours. She may have a picture or two of you from that moment or any moment that she holds close to her heart.

For this Mother’s day, how about you recreate the moment? Find an outfit that looks exactly like the one you wore in the picture and get the stuff that may be around you or that you were holding in the photo. Imagine her delight and surprise when you appear before her, a replica of that photo she has.

Want to do one better? Get an old photo of hers and dress up like her. Find the exact same dress or sari and wear your hair as she did in that picture. Do your makeup as she may have done in the photo. Create an exact image and meet her.

This is another idea that could work whether you are together in the same house or in a different city, as you can do this virtually too.

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4) Involve the man of the house


Most of the time, romance takes a backseat in parents’ lives once children become the center of their universe. Mother’s day could be a great way to help them reconnect to their youthful selves.

Ask your father to woo your mom for a date night. Your job would be to set the table and mood. Order some wonderful outfits for the both of them, get your mom to dress up, ask your father to escort her to the table, and seat them. You can be their maître d’ for the night.

Focus the night on your mom. Cook some favourite dishes for both of them, especially her. Bake a cake, if you can. Put on her favourite music, décor, and fragrance.  You can serve them dishes one by one and then make yourself scarce for them to enjoy. You can even nudge your father to ask her to dance and then set the mood for it accordingly.

You can set up a video recorder for them to rewatch their moments together. And click new ones from the night to add to the collection.

If you are not in the same city, you can still do all this by coordinating with your father and getting food and other things delivered.

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5) Shall we dance?

woman dancing

If you stay with your mom, you must have faced a moment almost everyday when she tells you to move and not sit at a place for so long. Those long hours at your desk are a source of constant worry for her.

On Mother’s day, you can pull her into a dance session. Put on some peppy numbers and start dancing. Ask your mom to join you and coordinate your steps. You can try out some music from her time and some from your own playlist. You can also find Zumba numbers online and get grooving to them.

Ensure that you and your mom hydrate well. You can wear amazing exercise outfits to get an OOTD Insta-worthy picture together.

You can do this virtually if you are far away from home.

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Extra tip: If you are far away from home, nothing is going to be a bigger gift for her than to see you in person. Try to arrange things way in advance and plan your trip according to the various travel restrictions across the world. However, make sure that you are masked, your hands sanitized, and hug yourself to give her a hug to maintain social distancing.

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Celebrate an amazing Mother’s day with these ideas and make your mom super happy!

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