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Light hair oils for summer

Come summer, it’s not just the heat that’s at its peak, it’s also the hair woes of every woman. Let’s face it. Indian summers can be harsh. They are famous for their beating heat, unbearable humidity, and the constant barrage of trickles of sweat streaming down your face. Amidst all this chaos of trying to figure a solution of keeping your cool, very literally, oiling your hair is perhaps the last thing on your mind. But on the contrary, oiling is a must. So before you say, “I’m going to skip oiling this summer”, we’ll tell you why you shouldn’t.

Why should you oil your hair in summer?

The sun is unforgiving. It can zap your hair of moisture, leaving it high and dry, in a very literal sense. This can cause further damage making your hair dull and brittle. That’s when oil, you BFF, comes to the rescue. That’s because apart from strengthening your hair follicles, it not also nourishes and hydrates your thirsty strands, but also creates a protective shield to prevent hair from sun damage.

Now that we have given you some hoorah reasons to keep oiling hair in summer, here is a list of light oils for your hair that is perfect for your hair. No sweat!


Almond Oil is a boon if you’re looking for lightweight oils. Extracted from the kernels inside almonds, it is enriched with Vitamin E, which boosts hair growth and adds luster. Known for its intensely hydrating and nourishing qualities, it lessens breakage, repairs split ends, fights dry roots, and strengthens hair, and gets easily absorbed because of its lightweight. Moreover, if you have an itchy scalp, thinning hair, or dandruff, Almond Oil is your go-to.


Olive Oil is one of the most versatile oils that is obtained by pressing olives. It is rich in anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties that not boost scalp health but also protect the hair by forming a protective layer on the hair shaft. This all-time favourite oil is extremely lightweight and helps in conditioning and moisturizing hair effectively. If you have fragile or sensitive hair, Olive Oil is your best bet.


Extracted from the seed of the Jojoba plant, this oil is the ultimate pick-me-up for your tresses. This non-greasy oil is easily absorbed by the hair, penetrates deeply, and moisturizes hair inside-out. Moreover, it mimics the properties of sebum, the oil that’s naturally produced by the hair, which makes it the ideal choice. Infused with antibacterial properties, this works well on dry, damaged, dandruff-prone, tangled hair.


Argan Oil is also known as Moroccan Oil that is obtained from the nuts of the Argan tree. Enriched with Vitamin E, fatty acids, and antioxidants, it also acts as an SPF and protects hair from UV damage. Argan Oil is also known as ‘Liquid Gold’ because of its rich golden colour. It is free of chemicals and additives and goes through minimal processing that makes it a perfect choice for sensitive hair.


Lavender Oil is extracted from lavender flowers. Research shows that topical use of Lavender oil increases the number of hair follicles and promotes hair growth. Moreover, it also improves blood circulation and is loaded with antimicrobial and antiseptic properties that reduce dandruff.


Avocado Oil is derived from the flesh of the Avocado fruit. Lightweight yet potent, this oil is packed with a host of nutrients like fats, antioxidants, minerals, and biotin. Because of its lightweight, it doesn’t cause build-up or clog your pores or weigh your hair down. In fact, it intensely moisturizes hair and strengthens it from within. It also has SPF properties that heal and protect hair from sun damage.

So go ahead and indulge your hair in summer-loving care with our favourites:

Dabur Almond Hair Oil

Hair & Care Non-Sticky Hair Oil

Mamaearth Onion Hair Oil

Nyassa Argan Cold Pressed Oil

And in conclusion, we’ll leave you with these handy hair oiling hacks to make your me-time, even more soothing.

  • Always massage the oil into your scalp as this improves blood circulation and absorption, and facilitates deeper penetration, leaving hair as lustrous as ever.
  • Don’t keep the oil on for more than five hours, as dust, dirt, and pollution can mix with your natural oils and lead to excess, sticky grime.
  • When it comes to oiling, less is more. Don’t slather your hair with too much oil as more oil means more shampoo to rinse off the oil, which in turn will strip your hair of its natural oils leaving it dry and brittle.
  • Always use warm oil. That’s because oil molecules are large because of which they may not seep into your hair very easily. Warming the oil helps in breaking these molecules and ensures better absorption.
  • Don’t tie your hair when you oil it as an oil massage opens up hair cuticles making your hair vulnerable and prone to damage.

There you have it. Everything you need to keep your hair summer-ready. Let your hair down, and enjoy the warm summer breeze without stressing about damage. Here’s the happy hair days, and a worry-free smile as radiant as the sun!

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